Wednesday, 2022-04-13

HengYeDev[m]stupid question, onUrlchanged i think will work01:13
Solrac[m]So for developers, I found this. Qt Bindings for Go, and it supports Sillica for Sailfish.03:47
Solrac[m]They also have a Javascript enrty too.
Solrac[m]But now Im curious. I've more experience as a web developer, and was considering rewriting some of my web apps as Qml for Sailfish and UT. How does Python with QML compare? I know its a different way to write stuff (ie maybe no `{{DomVariables}}` or `v-for` in the same sense Im used to) but could someone tell me their experience? Id very much appreciate it c:03:47
NicoI found Python + Qt always pretty enjoyable, but if you are a webdeveloper, you can just use Qml + JS.03:48
Solrac[m]Nico: Vanilla JS I assume? (ie. No TypeScript or other packages)03:50
NicoWell, the Qt version of JS. So the runtime library has some other stuff and it isn't the latest version of JS03:51
NicoNewer Qt versions add type annotations, but those are not available on Sailfish (yet)03:51
Solrac[m]Interesting. Though I thought Sailfish uses Qt603:52
NicoNo, stuck on Qt 5.603:52
NicoAfaik nothing uses Qt6 yet03:52
Solrac[m]Oh, thanks for clearing that up c:03:53
Solrac[m]Is there an equivalent for localStorage or IndexDB? (I assume sqlite3)03:53
NicoBut you can also start with a qml only app and add python later:
NicoWell, the equivalent to local storage would probably be the qt settings API03:53
Solrac[m]Is there a size limit?03:55
Solrac[m]Mind if I talk a bit of the app I'm interested in porting?03:55
NicoIt is a single file that gets rewritten. While I don't know of any explicit limits, I wouldn't put too much into it :D03:56
Solrac[m]Nico: aw shoot03:56
NicoAlso seems like Qml has a local storage API:
NicoBetter docs:
Solrac[m]Solrac[m]: My app uses IndexDB via LocalForage because with normal use, the more user uses the app (saving a list and maybe writing an entry), it can easily bypass the 5mb limit03:58
Nicolocal storage in qml shouldn't have the 5mb limit03:58
Solrac[m]Solrac[m]: It's a Dream Meaning and Journaling App, so the user can go to any date and store the IDs for symbol/meanings and can also write a journal entry03:59
Solrac[m]Nico: thats a relief, I could probably do a quick test04:00
NicoIf the db turns out to be an issue, you can always move that part to python or so04:00
Solrac[m]Nico: Maybe. Though since JSON support is a thing, it mgiht be possible to access it like a db, no?04:01
Solrac[m]* a db or object, no?04:02
NicoUsing a 5mb json database sounds like a bad idea imo :D04:02
Solrac[m]I totally agree.04:02
Solrac[m]The Symbol DB is 3mb, which is pretty hefty already.04:03
Solrac[m]But for storing user's data, is the question, since; it can grow past 5mb04:03
NicoI'd personally go with the local storage API until it turns out to be an issue, which is when I would go with python04:04
Solrac[m]Nico: Understandably so. I might go the python route, since most Linux Phone OSes would include it04:06
NicoWell, it is explicitly listed as a supported option for Sailfish including examples and templates :304:07
poetasterPython + QML works really well on SFOS07:03
gmchi, my app uses sailfish-secrets to store credentials, but ever since the last sailfish os update, it keeps forgetting the credentials. Before I dig in and debug, has anything changed that I should be aware of?07:34
poetastergmc, Sailjail.11:59
Mister_Magisteris there some mapplauncherd sailjail integration documentation19:35
b100dian[m]<HengYeDev[m]> "stupid question, onUrlchanged..." <- HengYeDev I tried a couple of url changing detection here for facebook
Mister_Magisterhow do you even test .desktop file?22:33

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