Thursday, 2022-04-14

gmcpoetaster: i'll have a look, but is that it though? It started happening after the last update, but sailjail has been introduced in an earlier update, no?06:06
gmcmy app doesn't write any configuration files, it uses the sailfish secrets api to store the credentials06:07
gmcI think I'll just pull the app. I don't have time, and the motivation to do development which benefits Jolla's Russian's owners is basically not there anyway (plus that since the last update, I can't even get storeman to install anymore makes me yearn for a working phone again)06:19
poetastergmc, sailjail is only obligitory since 4.4 ...
poetastergmc, as to the question of which masters we serve, I think that's poor reasoning. No matter which way I turn, I'm serving someone who is up to no good.06:29
poetastergmc, the storeman installer on openrepos doesn't work for you?06:30
gmcexcept in this case the no good is knocking at my doorstep (I live in Sweden), threatening to butcher me like it is butchering Ukrainans. That makes it all a bit more concrete than being able to say from a long distance away that it all doesn't matter06:31
gmcNo, the storeman installer doesn't work. I also did the pk refresh thing, to no avail.06:31
poetastergmc, true, true. I'm in Germany (Canadian national) and I see German energy policy squarely to blame.06:45
poetastergmc, storeman sounds strange. but I haven't tried an install on 4.4 yet.06:47
gmcAbsolutely part of the issue. But regardless of who is to blame, I just don't feel comfortable adding to the russian warchest (even if it's in a tiny immeasurable way) if that money is going to be used to kill me06:48
poetastergmc, sure, I get ya. The signals have been 'we are working on a divorce' so I'm just doing my bit to keep the ship afloat06:50
poetastercommunity meeting starts in 9minutes. gotta check something06:51
gmcnp, thanks for your suggestion about the sandbox thingy, I might find some time to look into it06:51
gmcas for the divorce, it might be too late for me.06:52
poetastergmc, keeping my fingers crossed!06:53
rainemakpiggz, are you saying that this is disabled for you:
piggz[m]My mistake, i must have been thinking of something else...probably bluez!07:31
rainemakno worries... older repositories may have it enabled07:39
piggzrainemak: interesting that the latest bug on there is for the pinephone!07:46
elenrilI'm having trouble with 4G on my xperia 10 II08:00
elenrilwith my main operator's sim, I only get 2G or 3G08:00
elenrilwith another operator's sim I get 4G with no issues08:00
elenrilany way to debug where the problem might be?08:00
Crabsterelenril: probably little help but maybe you could look up the frequencies these operators networks use, comparing compatibility with your phone, and note that sim 2 only supports 4g data, all iirc08:17
elenril>note that sim 2 only supports 4g data08:18
elenrilmeaning no voice calls?08:18
elenrilI'm pretty sure the frequencies should not be a problem, this is a european phone08:19
CrabsterI think meaning no 3g data on sim 2, again iirc08:19
elenrilI suspect it might be the sim, but no way to be certain08:20
Crabsterbetter look up in the docs please08:20
Crabsterif moving sim position does not change anything, then its probably not phone limitations, beside possible network frequency differences08:22
Crabstermeaning your main operator could have no 4g 'signal' in your area08:23
elenriljust checked the frequences, as expected the phone should support all the ones in use here08:24
elenriland it's not the signal level, because it fails to work everywhere in the same way08:24
elenrileven abroad08:25
elenriland 4G worked in my old jolla 108:25
Crabsterstill does?08:26
elenrilsadly it's dead08:26
Crabstercould you perhaps check elsewhere then?08:27
elenrilhuh, good idea08:27
elenrilso using the second sim slot makes no difference08:31
elenriland putting the sim into a usb lte modem does give me lte connectivity08:31
Crabsterperhaps need to contact the operator then, sounds like could be a misconfiguration  their end08:34
elenrilthe problem with that is that it's quite hard to get to someone with a clue09:03

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