Saturday, 2022-04-16

rinigusI presume that if I wish to add new sailjail permissions, for example dbus communication to osm scout server, then I could just add corresponding .permission file and install it where sailjail is keeping them on device. right?07:00
rinigusplus add it in the permissions manifest of the client, such as pure maps.07:00
elenrilany way to convince the vpn config into running a dhcp6 client on an openvpn connection?09:26
HengYeDev[m]I am trying to integrate WebView into sailtrix but i get /usr/bin/harbour-sailtrix: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory... (full message at
HengYeDev[m]the file is at ./usr/lib/xulrunner-qt5-78.15.1/libxul.so16:30
HengYeDev[m]but it is not being detected16:30
HengYeDev[m]it somewhat works in emulator though16:31
HengYeDev[m]fixed by using 3.4 sdk instead of 4.3 (dont know why that worked but if it worked it worked)17:39
HengYeDev[m]* it worked, it17:40

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