Sunday, 2022-05-01

askolsamWhen "Android app support" is not running on my XA2 the following message is logged every second (`devel-su journalctl -f`): 'kernel: binder: 2959:2959 --> 0:0 transaction failed 29189/0, size 32-0 line 2149'09:26
askolsamCan I do anything to prevent that spam without starting the android app support since I do not use any android apps?09:27
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus I wonder what I've done wrong with the chum section of 'Paint'.17:01
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus maybe the 'blank' screenshots: ... in any case the description links are fugged.17:02
riniguspoetaster: please remove empty screenshots. its something I haven't considered. if you wish, open an issue at chum-gui.17:07
attahpoetaster: i have kept wondering about this but never formed an opinion... so now you too can wonder17:12
poetasterrinigus: thanks, will do. I have some fixes, too :)17:17
poetasterattah, starting to wonder. ...17:17
poetasterattah, seems solely thumbnail related, though?17:19
attahprobably... and probably that is just in use where made explicit17:20
poetasteryeah, but I get the drift. In any case, the tint behaviour in Label is not there in Canvas in 3.417:21
poetasterIt's annoying since kimmoli's paint is a nice app I'd like to get fully functional :)17:21
poetasterI'm fixing the shaders now.17:22
poetasterattah, can you check if the image compositing even shows this tint on an 'official' port?17:26
poetasteror on chum17:27
poetasterconst float pi = 3.14159265f;17:33
attahpoetaster: it does not17:33
attah(inserted a random image, and presumably that should do it?)17:34
poetasteryeah, you'll see it if it turns blue :)17:34
poetasterThat's cool. Can you check is the 'blur shader' works :)17:34
poetasterdamn it, I'm going to have to buy a sony device.17:34
poetasterhave bunch of QOpenGLShader::compile(Fragment): 2:13: L0002: Undeclared variable 'f' errors which17:38
poetasterI believe come from :incrementalGaussian.x = 1.0f / (sqrt(2.0f * pi) * sigma); statements17:38
poetastercool. shader parsing does not like c++ float syntax. go figure. I don't like it either :)17:50
poetasterattah, someone suggested it's a HAL issue. Which, in the ports context might be so?17:58
attahpoetaster: the port variance certainly suggests it17:59
poetasterattah, I have a number of other issues that are beginning to make debugging difficult on volla17:59
attahsomething-something native pixel format and lack of adaptation17:59
poetasterattah, do you have tidings the rss reader on your device?18:00
attahbtw... sorry for lack of feedback was on the phone, but now i'm back18:01
attahi'll get it18:01
poetasterattah, no way, thanks for helping!18:01
attahpoetaster: engadget images doesn't seem to want to load18:03
poetasteradd: as a feed.18:03
poetasterI had forgotten engadget was still in there. need to check that feed.18:04
poetasternetzpolitik has 'full' feeds which is evil since it's a huge html dump in the desciption param18:05
attahPeople are decidedly "smurfy"18:06
attahpoetaster: wait what... now engadget images load, and not smurfy18:09
attahright... it was something about the first one not being affected?18:09
poetasterthe 'attached' images are fine. They are Image elements. The images in the 'content' are filtered html dumped in the Label.18:11
poetasterI'm working on taking that apart. among 12 dozen other things.18:12
attahah, okay18:12
poetasterOk. so the error with labels is present on offical devices but not the error with canvas.18:12
poetasterOn the plus side, fixed the openGl shaders :)18:13
attahI should ship you one of my devices from the stack, shouldn't i?18:13
poetasterI can trade you something odd that I built in my basement ;)18:13
poetasterrinigus, you have a tama device to hand?18:15
poetasterattah, RGB->BRG wasn't it18:20
attahpoetaster: for what?18:21
attahRGB<->BGR was the issue when i tested before18:24
poetasterOk, I just did some tests and the smurf effect is not rgb->bgr.18:25
poetasteryou had posted on the forum with that test, or?18:26
attahI sure hope so18:26
attahmight have slipped my mind18:26
attahconvert 936e1ea54107edee8763dbc69650c6e7c9350904.jpeg -separate +channel -swap 0,2 -combine -colorspace sRGB bgr.png18:26
attahYes, i even posted that same command it seems18:27
poetasteryes, I have to go through that thread again. And ask piggz some questions.18:32
poetasterIn any case, progress was made on the opengl front :)18:33
poetaster(goes to fetch beer)18:33
poetasterattah, I had managed to use imageElement.grabToImage(function(result) to copy from Image to Canvas18:48
poetasterand preserve the color space. and then neglected to commit. So I'm working my way back.18:49
attahAnd then you didn't have any issues? Interesting...18:50
poetasterYa. The problem that remained is that the rotation of the Image did/does not get copied. so I was futzing about with that, and spoiled my progress.18:51
poetasterIn any case, I found a way to get the image data from an Image, via grab, into a Canvas without the odd color thing.18:52
poetasterattah, I see there's progress on cargo!18:55
attahah, yes... very good18:55
attahCollaboration is the way to go :)18:55
poetasterwell, it depends on the availability of the collaborators :) Sadly I seem to have picked up a bunch of stuff where no one is home.19:01
poetasterMaybe I'm being to impatient.19:01
attahMaybe i should rephrase that... collaboration is really nice19:12
poetasteryeah, it is :) My expierence with you guys in the last year+ convinced me to quit my job and get a life.19:12
attahStill not sure what we did to deserve all your effort19:16
poetasterah.... I'm a charging a windmills kind of guy. don quijote on speed.19:18
poetasterand you mentioned it, collaboration! lot's of initiative from individuals, some find code, some odd stuff. what more could I want :)19:21
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