Monday, 2022-05-02

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riniguspoetaster: yes, one Tama per hand. Although reply is late and would be off till evening04:21
poetasterattah, what device was your color channel test on?06:15
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poetaster@attah: rgb -> bgr does the trick. So it is a channel swap.10:54
attahpoetaster: Xperia 10 II16:35
attahAlso... this just in: Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer16:38
henk'grml' updated – and the fucking notch is in the way again because the patch does not apply on this version18:02
henkhow long will it take for sailfish itself to pick up that some devices have this notch and it’s a bad idea to place the clock in the middle?18:03
attahProbably quite long, since notches are a pretty silly idea and Sony has been pretty sane18:04
henksony has been sane – who’d have thought!18:06
henkyeah, they are completely silly18:07
attahThe first several models seemed like an endless string of experiments with no direction... but now they have settled on a very well-rounded design, arguably except being tall18:08
henkyeah, but sailfishos is not trying to be an OS for sony devices, right?18:10
henkIIUC your reasoning "it will take pretty long until sailfishos takes notches into consideration" is "sony does not have a notch" but that only makes sense if sailfishos is targetting sony devices and does not try to be a general purpose mobile operating system18:14
attahNo, your question about "sailfish picking up some devices with notches" scoped it that way18:15
attahIf you wait around for official devices, then you'll have to wait long... because those are Sony for better or worse18:16
attahI.e. you and/or porters of notched devices should probably brig it up in a community meeting18:17
henkhm, I have no idea what you are talking about o_O AFAICT there is some sort of misunderstanding but I don’t understand where … with "sailfish" I mean sailfish OS, i.e. the mobile os18:19
henkis that the misunderstanding?18:20
attahWith sailfish i did indeed understand the OS18:20
attahThere are official and unofficial ports to various devices18:21
attahJolla makea the OS, and official ports - those are for Sony devices18:21
henkok, and my question is when it will get an option like "notch device – keep X pixels in the top center free of icons/clock/indicators", or ideally even an interactive overlay like gaming consoles have to adjust to the visible screen18:22
henkyes, I know but I don’t really see how that’s relevant18:23
attahAnd my answer is: don't hold your breath, because Jolla won't have that issue themselves18:23
henkah, because they are the single driving force behind all/most of sfos development?18:24
attahAnd especially those UI bits are closed18:25
attahso especially only there18:25
henkah, ok, thanks for clearing that up18:41
henkI have a problem with the camera app: when I record a video and press "stop" it freezes. afterwards media playback in the imgur app is broken. this is the volla/gs-290 (yggdrasil?) port from piggz[m]. I’d like to fix this. any ideas what the cause could be or advice how to debug this?18:46
piggz[m]henk: its on my todo list19:55
henkpiggz[m]: ah ok, do you happen to know the simplest way to get it working again? a reboot definitely works but I wonder if there is some other way ("restart home screen" via settings => utilities) or restarting some service using the shell also helps fix this20:01
henkpiggz[m]: oh, you were referring to the camera issue, right? not the notch?20:01
piggz[m]yeah camera20:07
piggz[m]i thought it didnt work at all, you think it works after reboot?20:07
henkpiggz[m]: oh, no, sorry, that was unclear. video playback works again after a reboot but the camera does the same thing again.20:08
henkpiggz[m]: let me know if I can help test anything or provide any more info on the issue. also if you have any advice how to deal with the notch, it’d be nice not to have to lock the phone to see the clock :D20:11
piggz[m]there used to be a patch manager patch ... perhaps you could re-work a patch for latest patch manager?20:14
henkpiggz[m]: there still is but it doesn’t take effect after the update20:15
ThaodanAbout notch support: I would ask at the community meeting if you want to ask or help on that.22:37
ThaodanThere were some PRs on the SFOS browser for notch support however I don't know more.22:37

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