Wednesday, 2022-05-04

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poetasterattah, soooo, experia 10 ii. I get r <-> b swapping also on that with an image from jolla. pain app.14:15
poetasteron the plus side, I've got filters for qml and opengl. and I implemented undo in paint.14:15
poetasters/pain/paint/ I'm make it painful later.15:44
attahpoetaster: so how did you test? i pressed the image icon, and it seems what happens is i got to choose a background - it has correct colors16:19
poetasterAh, wrong button.16:20
attahso what button then?16:21
poetasterThere is the 'background' button and the insert image button.16:21
attahi think that is what i did16:21
poetasterInsert image is on the toolbar next to the 'T' text tool.16:21
poetasterThe BG image works because it just put's and image in and Image :)16:22
attahgaaah, how do i place it?16:22
poetasterUse pinch and push it around :)16:22
attahand why do i get tooltips a gazillion times16:22
attahbut i don't want to x)16:22
poetasteryes, you, do.16:23
attahbut how do i tell it i'm done faffing about?16:23
poetasteryou just hit the double arrow icon next to the image+ icon when you're done.16:23
poetasterit's the same on the filters (gl shaders page).16:23
attahso only wehn i place it does the colors swap16:24
attahwhereabouts in the code is that?16:27
poetasterit's a qml/canvas operation ... sek.16:27
poetasterleads to:16:29
poetaster grabbing the whole screen and painting it.16:30
poetastersorry, that's misleading.16:31
attahpoetaster: any hint on the actual grabbing?17:42
poetastersorry, too many project tabs :)17:43
poetasterthe js17:47
attahpoetaster: so... i fixed it... not sure exactly why but none the less18:05
attahIf i convert the image to Format_RGB888 in the ImageProvider... it stays unsmurfed18:07
poetasterattah, so how to we fix that in Label? With richttext :)20:30
poetasterPR me please ;)20:32

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