Thursday, 2022-05-05

Maxwell175Hello I'm looking to get into Sailfish OS for my phones. I've been using various custom android builds for years. My question is, is there any up to date list of well-supported phones that I can look at?03:10
Maxwell175 seems to be pretty out of date03:11
poetasteryeah, that's out of date. FP3, Volla (Gigaset 290&290x), the new Volla is in the works, Pinephone07:31
poetasterI've been happy with volla/gs290, though it currently has a video recording bug.07:32
henkvolla/gs290+0.9, would be a +1 if it wasn’t for the fscking notch07:40
henkno, I will not stop complaining about that anytime soon (;07:41
poetasteryeah, the notch is irritating :)07:41
poetasterBut it's a fine middle-class device. I have an experia 10 ii now for testing (I do a bunch of graphics stuff) and I find the screen realestate on the volla nicer for reading.07:42
poetasterbut the experia has a better camera.07:42
poetasterthe volla's fingerprint reader is also better than the experias.07:43
poetasterattah, not rgba888? converted = img.convertToFormat(img.Format_RGB888) or the like?16:29
poetasterattah, and did you get the webview cover thingy going?16:30
poetasterattah, works for me, but think it's not very elegant.17:04
attahpoetaster: just landed... and i still have to cook17:05
attahI slapped a         img = img.convertToFormat(QImage::Format_RGB888); right before the returns17:06
poetasterah, ok, more or less same, same. thanks!17:07
poetasterwell, I did it the ho, humm, hmmm, way.17:08
poetasterspent an hour with the tidings issue, and it's driving me crazy. but there I have other issues anyway, so it'll be a moot point ... tomorrow.17:08
poetasterattah, applied your version. thanks. I'm often too circuitous.17:23
attahpoetaster: :) and i'm sometimes to fixed on short, when i should be thinking readable...17:29
poetasterah, but QImage::Format_RGB888 is clear. I did a a round-a-bout img.Format_RGB888 :)17:30
poetasterattah, kimmoli had replied to express he was happy it's being used. has no time, sadly.17:32
*** ggabriel is now known as Guest19718:52
poetasterattah, you get any further with your cover webview?20:10

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