Sunday, 2022-05-08

rinigusbionade24: looks like not all dependencies are added to spec. Check what's missing and add builddep accordingly05:41
bionade24rinigus: Thx very much. I wonder though what could be preinstalled in the mersdk and the CI pipeline, but not on OBS. Is there any package that is known for that?12:19
bionade24rinigus: Contrac wants OpenSSL 1.1 and OBS curl wants openssl 1.0  Is this a known problem?12:36
bionade24lbt: ^12:36
rinigusbionade24: OBS env has less packages installed. So, it is common when you move from Jolla SDK to OBS, you miss few dependencies13:07
rinigusRe openssl: no comment on my side13:07
bionade24rinigus: Thx anyways. Does OBS have multiple versions of libcurl?13:09
bionade24I was wrong my problem description, OpenSSL 1.1 is available. But the libcurl4 package wants OpenSSL 1.0, which isn't available. So it's a OBS problem?
kamro@bionade24 maybe try to disable home:nielnielsen repo you have added. Maybe that pulls some wrong dependencies13:16
bionade24kamro: thx, lets'see if it works. It's so long that I've used OBS I don't know anything anymore13:17
bionade24kamro: Thx, that helped.13:55
kamroyeah, now it's moaning about missing mlite devel package13:57
bionade24kamro: Already fixed that locally13:58
bionade24Just not pushed. I wonder what is the revision XML tag for, it doesn't get explained in docs.13:58
bionade24kamro: Do u know?13:58
bionade24kamro: * in the _service file13:59
kamroCan't you use just HEAD revision?14:00
kamroah you didn't upload updated .spec file to github yet14:01
bionade24So the revision is the git revision? No, I want to publish the latest release not the latest commit on chum14:01
kamroif you ask about revision in _service file then yes it's git revision/tag or just HEAD14:03
henkcan anyone recommend a password manager?19:40
bionade24henk: keepassxc on desktop + ownkeepass on sailfish20:06
henkbionade24: I’m already using 'pass' on the desktop. will take a look at ownkeepass, thanks20:13
bionade24henk: I don't know if there's something graphical available for pass, you'll have to look.20:18
henkdidn’t find anythink but I’m not too keen on syncing anyway. I’m fine if it’s separate. only need (and want) a small subset of the passwords-on-my-desktop on my phone anyway.20:21
henkre ownkeepass: I see that the original author jobe abandoned/archived the software and that rinigus forked it but in the store I don’t find his version. there only seems to be the original and an aarch64 version by aerique. is that correct or am I missing anything?20:22
piggzhenk: its in chum20:40
alinmelena[m]is there any chance to have element in chum?21:12
henkpiggz[m]: ah, thanks22:05

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