Monday, 2022-05-09

x2soh, since the last update the modem stability has greatly improved.12:25
x2sI only had to reset it once and switching to airplane mode and back worked, no restart necessary12:26
x2s(still it didn't reset itself, but that's broadcoms fault)12:26
attahpoetaster: very interesting commit you found... but it looks correct and included to me.... so why is it smurfy still?16:28
attahBad workaround still in place perhaps?16:29
poetasterattah, yeah, it's just a jumping off point demonstrating issues of 'the kind' I have many pages of code to go through.16:30
poetasterattah, it might take me longer than jolla :)16:30
attahI just used my gut feeling (i.e. i hate formats with an unused byte to store RGB) for the fix16:31
attahYes, something about all bugs being shallow with enough (or the right?) eyes16:32
poetasterattah, myopic eyes see all bugs clearly at a distance (well, it's a swarm then)16:33
attahWe used to have this posted at work:
attahProject logo on wall, the equivalent of Jira on the bug swarm16:35
poetasterJeez. I'm a Heinlein fan, but he just never met suffient numbers of Swedish/Canadian Mosquitos :)16:48
poetasterattah, this is hell:
attahWow, color order is hard apparently16:49
poetasteroh, ja.16:49
poetasterI used to do weird pre-print stuff invloving dye sublimation printers and CMYK tiffs, ahhhhhh.16:50
poetasterOn the other hand, my monitor, under the correct lighting conditions ....16:51
poetasterattah, also interesting but, not really:

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