Wednesday, 2022-05-11

dcaliste_Hello channel, does anyone know why my technology/gps in connman is disabled ? Running `dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=net.connman  /net/connman/technology/gp09:41
dcaliste_s net.connman.Technology.GetProperties` returns Powered = false.09:41
dcaliste_This is slightly inconvenient since it makes geoclue-hybris think that my gps is in flight mode.09:41
dcaliste_And a bonus question, does anyone know how to set it back to Powered = true ?09:42
dcaliste_At the moment I've removed the flight mode check in geoclue-hybris to get the gps back, but that's not a sustainable way to get the gps available...09:43
inzWould this do the trick: ....SetProperty string:Powered boolean:true09:51
dcaliste_inz, thanks. Indeed `.SetProperty string:Powered variant:boolean:true` put it to true. Need to be root also.10:28
dcaliste_Now, I need to understand how it when to false in the first place...10:28
inzMy guess would be some failure while returning from flight mode, but no real idea.10:29
x2s I bet this will go public exactly at the time I have to pay my taxes... ;)13:17
piggzThaodan: interesting, a chum submission with no evidence of a successful build :)17:48
piggzboth targets for the source project are unresolvable17:48
Thaodanpiggz: I didn't fix the project and the package needs chum for building. I can fix the original project just for you.17:48
piggzThaodan: its fine, ill put it in testing and see if it builds there, then add it to main17:49
Thaodanpiggz: give me a sec17:49
piggztoo late, its building :)17:50
piggzThaodan: i wonder if youd like to add the chum metadata to the spec?17:50
Thaodanpiggz: I can for the next release, right now i want to use chum to push unstable testing versions to users before I create the release.17:51
piggzThaodan: al x86 builds have failed17:52
Thaodanpiggz: will fix sec17:53
piggzThaodan: you can push direct to chum:testing anyway ... when you are ready, submit to main17:54
Thaodanpiggz: Can users use chum:testing so chum: contains a tagged release while testing contains a nightly?17:55
rinigusThaodan: chum:testing was done to mirror chum, not as nightly testing. its mainly for testing and ensuring that packages are building fine together - important for packages with libs.18:08
rinigusbut I don't think we have prevented anyone doing as you describe. just now that it wasn't intention18:09
bionade24rinigus: Why does the app I submitted to chum ( contrac ) have version 0.7.8-1 while the revision stated in the _service file is 0.7.8-2 and this revision gets build to the correct version num by our CI?
rinigusbionade24: you are using 0.7.8-2 as a tag and version. this is something OBS hates. it chops off -2 and adds its own release part of the version. hence it is recommended to version your packages in format a.b.c.d and avoid - in it18:15
ThaodanNever add revision numbers to package versions18:23
bionade24rinigus: Thx, didn't know that. For me -revision is just normal mostly using arch, but in the end I haven't even decided how contrac's versioning is made. Next time I'll probably be able to avoid a 2nd revision.18:24
ThaodanYou can do that in the form of +git<number> but ir doesn't make sense if you are the upstream18:24
Thaodanit is usually used for patches or packaging changes if you are downstream18:24
piggzThaodan: and to answer the other part, yes, users can use the testing repo ... Settings < Use testing repository18:53
alinmelena[m]sorry to ask again had anyone looked into native element (matrix client) for sailfish?20:28
bionade24alinmelena[m]: There a plenty which are half-baked, that they work perfectly is caused by matrix bad design and not incompetence or lack of Sailfish app developers.20:47
bionade24alinmelena[m]: If New Vector needs to write a very complex spec and additionally change parts of it very often, only implementations which larger communities can keep up. Matrix comany tries really hard to keep potential competitors out of buisseness side and have no problem scarifising a healthy open source community around their protocol for it.20:49
bionade24alinmelena[m]: This is the best afaik
alinmelena[m]bionade24 thanks that sounds not too bad I will give it a spin..20:53
alinmelena[m]what you point out is the malaise of a lot of companies20:57
alinmelena[m]strangely enough did not ask for passphrase for encryption21:02

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