Thursday, 2022-05-12

Thaodanpiggz[m]: works now, just pushed an update to chum00:12
poetasteralinmelena[m], there is also the hydrogen web app (also from element io) I'm not sure how capable it is, but should work.09:13
alinmelena[m]yes that is the one I used originally was so and so09:24
alinmelena[m]element works quite well (the android one)  and since there is a linux native one for element I was wondering if anyone experienced with it09:24
KetoIsn't the Element desktop app just the web app wrapped in electron, so not sure if that should be called "native" :)13:49
x2sit is.13:50
x2sAnd I wouldn't call it native either.13:50
KetoAnd I don't know how mobile optimized the web app UI is, as they have separate android app13:53
Ketoit does seem to scale, but not sure how usable that would be13:54
ThaodanKeto: the mobile web ui has scaling issues13:56
Thaodanit works in the Sailfish OS browser but with drawback13:56
Ketoyeah, I guess the Hydrogen UI is more geared towards being mobile friendly13:58
alinmelena[m]yes the layour is friendly14:11
alinmelena[m]but is not very cool to type on it14:11
alinmelena[m]i like the sailtrix but cannot verify14:12
alinmelena[m]and cannot use decrypt the keys14:12
alinmelena[m]is kind of dead in the water14:12
alinmelena[m]without these14:13
alinmelena[m]this idea with in browser apps is not my fav but this is the reality14:17
alinmelena[m]biggest issue with hydrogen was that kept creating sessions14:25

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