Friday, 2022-05-13

ViGeI quite like hydrogen. My biggest issue with it is that you can't open links directly. You can copypaste the URLS but that's clumsy.07:31
poetasterViGe, in matrix land I use gomuks, and have to change view AND copy/past. pita. but it's the smallest footprint client.07:50
poetasterViGe, of course, I don't chat on a phone. I'm a touch typist for god's sake!07:51
ThaodanPurple-Matrix is sadly in a bad shape working bitlbee would be nice.07:52
poetasteryeah, that'd be my ideal.07:52
Renaud[m]matrix-ircd might be worth a try07:56
poetasterthere is a weechat plugin08:00
poetasterwith encryption, I gather. I've just been to busy to test it.08:00
inzand the rust version, I used that for a while08:17
poetasterdid that do e2e?08:20
Thaodanthe weechat plugins are tied to weechat sadly08:21
poetasterbut the whole matrix ecosystem is a pain. I recently built scripts and fail2ban filters just to be certain media archive can't be scraped.08:27
alinmelena[m]sailtrix is not bad just needs a little bit of love to be able to do verification08:27
alinmelena[m]and key08:27
alinmelena[m]but looks to me as many users of matrix there are as many clients08:27
inzI would extend that statement with "abandoned clients"08:30
alinmelena[m]yap... seems everyone thinks it is easy to write one08:31
alinmelena[m]why shall I contribute to someone elses...08:32
Renaud[m]I'd say it's not as bad (yet) as xmpp08:32
alinmelena[m]anyhoe this will not solve the issue08:32
alinmelena[m]xmpp i am still amased it is still a thing08:32
poetasterwell, the xmpp clients have had a lot of time to bitrot.08:34
poetasterxmpp has the stability of standards. I've recently revived are old xmpp infra and got everything running. stun, turn, omemo for group chats, the works.08:35
poetasters/are/our/ ...08:36
poetasterthe problem is nobody wants to work with xml :)08:36
alinmelena[m]only computers shall work with xml or json08:36
poetasterah, the good old days of DTDs, XSD < 1.2, 1000 lines XSLTs :)08:38
poetasterI'm still trying to hunt down the BGR/RGB bug in Label
poetasterSilica's Label is an extended Text or?08:46
poetasterah! scaledToHeight() changes the Format. hmmm.09:00
poetasterattah, I think I may have found it. QTransform is, I believe the r<->b swap culprit09:03
poetasterattah, nah. we implemented your Format transform BEFORE any other scale/orientation transform.09:18
piggzrinigus: morning09:49
piggzlooks like i need to make some stats for chum to justify obs *yawn*09:51
alinmelena[m]I thought stats are somehow automatic..10:18
alinmelena[m]I remember in the opensuse one things are kind of public10:18
poetasterpiggz, I have several more app rescues in the pipeline. I'll increase the pace :)11:07
piggzpoetaster: great, get them in!11:08
alinmelena[m]if you have a list I can do few of them if helps11:09
poetasterthis is a wiki I started:
poetastermany if not most have had tickets made11:10
alinmelena[m]I will have a look over the weekend11:16
alinmelena[m]and try to submit some11:16
poetasterthe prplmnky ones (which are easy) I've more or less finished.11:17
poetasterpiggz, I do think my don quijote number may end in tears :)11:19
piggzpoetaster: rejected, no license :)12:24
poetaster? in the spec?12:26
poetasterI see it.12:27
alinmelena[m]question on xperia 10 II fm radio is not supported12:49
Thaodanalinmelena[m]: I don't think so12:50
ThaodanThe device can do fm radio but no one made it work on aosp12:50
alinmelena[m]i see this is what it thought12:50
alinmelena[m]wanted to double check12:50
poetasterpiggz, forgot the tags after 1.2 are messed up.13:03
alinmelena[m]all the plumbings for fm radio shall be there13:04
alinmelena[m]since worked on jolla-c13:04
malsony hasn't supported fm radio in aosp for a long time now13:05
alinmelena[m]i see13:06
maldoes xperia 10 II even have fm radio?13:06
malI don't see it mentioned in specs in websites I checked13:07
alinmelena[m]thought so... based on feature listing13:07
malwhere did you find such a listing?13:07
alinmelena[m]i see gsm arena says no13:07
malsome sites say it does and some say it doesn't have it13:08
alinmelena[m]to be honest I did not check in the android13:11
alinmelena[m]practically i got it from ebay and install sailfish on it13:11
alinmelena[m]did not check the radio bits13:11
poetasterpiggz, PackagingRepo ?13:23
poetasterpiggz,  I can't seem to get Custom urls for bugtracker working when Upstream repo is set either.13:24
piggztry harder :D13:24
poetasterpiggz, too many ladels in too many soup pots on too many open fires.13:25
poetasterI need to slow down. You need me to speed up :)13:25
poetasterpiggz, fix the lipstick screenshot bug so I can make screenshots!13:41
piggzi think its fixable with the lipstci patch ... i just dont want to re-package that every time there is an update!13:44
poetasterdo you mean elros patch?13:53
poetasterpiggz, I don't get it. can't that be automated?13:57
piggzits rebasing on each release13:57
piggzmaybe ill give it a go13:57
poetasterwell, it's that or my vollas are paperweights :)13:57
poetasterpiggz, you mean rebasing which part? not the whole, surely?13:59
piggzthe patch will need rebased onto the listick code for each release13:59
poetasterpiggz, of course. I'm being slow.14:00
riniguspiggz: don't think we can provide any stats. and it looks like Jolla will drag with the decision as long as it could, regardless to what we do. and it would depend on whether they pay invoice once a year of once per month. if it is once per month then they would probably drag for longer...16:54
piggzrinigus: for us its easy, num packages, arch, releases ... lbt to try and provide download stats16:55
rinigus... I some times wonder whether Jolla is taking maƱana to the next level in terms of postponing. as for stats, honestly, don't think it will make any difference.16:57
rinigusI suspect that Jolla has hands full with the ownership restructuring and it may all end up with closing up the shop. OBS is probably not high on the agenda16:58
riniguspiggz: ^16:58
piggzwell maybe, but lets stay positive!16:58
riniguspiggz: positive is all fine by me :). not much time in May though for SFOS, hopefully more in summer.17:00
riniguspiggz: our side of the stats: ls in OBS checkout?17:03
riniguspiggz: never mind. number of packages is listed at obs page17:07
riniguspiggz: how do you plan to show releases? for each package?17:07
piggzrinigus: just high level numbers, so, 210 packages, across 9 releases and 3 architectures17:22
riniguspiggz: OK, I see. but then its done :)17:22
riniguspiggz: what would be interesting to know the number of packages in Jolla Store that were updated during a last year. something that you could compare with17:23
piggzrinigus: like you, i dont want to put loads of time in....i thought by now we had proved ourselves, evidently not quite!17:25
riniguspiggz: I wouldn't conclude that. it is just they have other things to fix first and as long as Jolla can postpone long-term commitments, they will do so.17:26
riniguswhich is right now quite understandable.17:27
poetasterpiggz, rinigus aren't stats like number of users, downloads of more import?17:28
riniguspoetaster: we don't have those17:28
poetasterrinigus, that sucks.17:29
poetasterwell, anyone in their right mind would recognize the advantage of obs/chum to openrepos. if you want to allow alternate sources.17:30
poetasterattah, you about?17:46
attahpoetaster: yup17:46
poetasterso, I was digging about and it seems that a number of QImage transforms, scaledToHeight for instance, also do color transforms17:47
attahWow... i thought Qt had actual users...17:47
poetasterI think it's an ephemeral that we're stuck with because our QT is old.17:48
attahSure... might have gotten fixed... but Qt 5 can hardly be blamed for being immature17:48
poetasterI'll paraphrase you in saying 'color is hard' :)17:49
poetasterWhat's really hard is working back from a QML component (where scaling and rotation apply) to QImageProvider, QImage, various IO streaming classes, etc.17:50
attahFair enough... and big things trying to be somewhat optimized will mix in interesting ways with that, especially for not bog-standard formats17:50
attahRemind me to add the github issue to remove Qt from the SeaPrint rendering pipeline17:51
poetaster! man, I wish I could follow your lead ! But I'm like a chicago crack junky on QT crack.17:51
poetasterI keep trying to follow sashikknox down the road to sdl enlightenment but my foo is bah.17:53
poetasterattah, I think I'll try to provide an overview of my research in a PM. There's a bit too much to compress into chat.17:54
attahsneaky way to rope me in to possibly helping17:54
attahalso interesting17:54
poetasterHowever, as often, it started with:
poetasteryou've already helped a great deal! fixed paint!17:55
poetasterkimmoli, you there? we're talking about you.17:55
* attah applied prejudice, it is moderately effective17:56
poetasterI'm in a sort of 'flurry' which is probably best explained by being a slave to the demands of a child under 10.17:57
poetastersorta like having to walk the dog. It leads to a form of dementia, that in my case manifests in trying to complete too many software projects at once.17:58
poetasteroh. and work is really slack at the moment.17:58
attahInteresting situation, pretty alien to me17:59
attahand i'm trying to get an image into 1bpp printer raster without implementing it myself... just to test... but of course current tools refuse18:00
poetasterI don't think I'm typical. piggz has more kids than I and they are grown up. and I'm ten years older than him.18:00
poetaster1bpp. I saw a simliar pattern today ... what's that?18:00
attahbits per pixel18:01
poetastersorry, the question is what is 1bpp printer raster?18:03
poetasterback in 1018:03
attahJust the printer (PWG) raster that contains just 1 bpp18:04
attahMy implementations are byte-oriented so far, 8-bit greyscale and 24-bit RGB18:04
poetasterah, got it.18:50
attahSo i guess i'm implementing my own bit-abstraction at some point18:53
poetasterThere is one buried deep in the QImage related code.19:24
attahAnd i may well lean on QImage outputting in that way in .pbm... but i'll need to do the RLE compression in my library code... and Qt isn't getting near that19:29
poetasterah. I'll hvae to read your code.19:31
poetasteron my banal PWD front: Error reading SVG:Error opening file /home/mwa/src/sailfish/build-allthenews-SailfishOS_4_4_0_58_aarch64_in_Sailfish_SDK_Build_Engine-Release/17189PWD/harbour-allthenews.svg:19:32
poetasterI don't get the expansion $$ seems to be PWD19:32
poetasterah, spec != pro19:33
attahhmm... these kinds of build systems always was too much magic for me19:34
poetastermagic == variable injection19:34
poetasterinteresting. the file is not there (.sfdk in build)19:46
poetasterwo. sucks:   .sfdk/src/ works in the SDK. something is broken.19:50
poetasterSince I was getting nowhere, I thought I'd release something on the side:

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