Saturday, 2022-05-14

riniguspiggz: we have some build failures and other issues creeped in chum.  same in chum:testing.06:15
rinigusI wonder what should we do about it. some are really bad: harbour-lyrics by harbour-lyrics - all builds are failing in testing06:16
rinigustaking into account that OBS sends emails pretending to be from our email account and that leads to sending it as spam - it is even impossible to communicate with the  devs!06:17
riniguslbt: is it possible to let OBS to send notifications through its own account and not to pretend to be someone else?06:18
rinigusin addition, failure of is bizarre: meson on i586 requires cross-aarch64-glibc06:19
rinigusJolla devs, any idea regarding this? ^06:19
piggzrinigus: for harbour-lyrics, it seems like the files its complaining about are not in the branch being built, but are in the main banch07:26
riniguspiggz: haven't look into it, I was hoping that the developer will fix the issue. As there has been no response in 11 days, maybe we should just kick out the package and wait for new submission?07:28
piggzi imagine the dev didnt do a clean build07:28
piggzrinigus: i will quickly log an issue on the repo07:29
poetasterpiggz, rinigus I was wondering if Donnie, in chum:testing is a problem. I still haven't re-organized with static libs, inline.08:20
riniguspoetaster: I would expect things to be "clean" in :chum. in :chum:testing if something is failing, it should be either disabled or fixed. not a very good style to have there much of the broken things for too long either08:22
rinigusin this respect, donnie should be fixed :)08:22
poetasterof course! from my perspective it can be kicked out. I still have a project in personal and the intention was;08:23
poetaster1. subdirs build, 2. static libs in app context.08:24
poetasterthe reason I stalled is that the 1.6 version of libupnp had some security issues I wanted to understand before I baked them into an app.08:24
riniguspoetaster: if you plan to work on it, let it be. way easier for us to keep it assuming that you fix it.08:25
riniguslbt and Keto: we have DoD for few arches at
poetasterok. cool.08:26

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