Wednesday, 2022-05-18

lotheaci made a suggestion on about a month or two ago, who do i need to poke about it? (afaict the component is closed source, so can't make a PR)
poetasterpiggz, looks like I'm not maintaining fallingblocks on obs?10:49
piggzpoetaster: you want to? :)11:11
poetasterwell, unless someone else is on it, I'm in.11:14
poetasterI'm just gathering leverage to strong arm you into fixing lipstick :)11:14
poetasterand nephros and I are on a mission to get more game stuff into the repos.11:14
poetasterpiggz, it's also building from my fork (spec was missing lic.)11:29
piggzpoetaster: done12:16
poetasterpiggz, finally lipstick's fixed (ducks. runs)12:17
piggzokok, let me got the pro1x and volla22 ports polished a liitle, then i will try patching lipstick12:21
x2s yay!13:05
x2sThat, too, yay!13:09
x2shopefully I will never have to reset the LTE modem again after upgrading to this...13:10
NicoSo far it sounds pomising :D13:11
poetasterpiggz, cool.13:13
poetasteranyone ever encounter: invalid cast from 'GstVideoBufferPool' to 'GstDroidBufferPool'13:14
malpoetaster: when does that happen?13:40
poetasterWhen I'm updating a preview image from a stream I fetch with ffmpeg via python ...13:48
malhmm, I don't remember seeing that but never tried such a usecase13:49
poetasterIt's a bit of a monster. I'll try to get more specific.13:51
poetasterjust implemented export to gif in videoworks and got everything sailjail conforming.13:55
poetasterfinally, 8 bit animations on demand.13:55
poetasterseems gallery does not recognize gif animations.13:56
poetasterhmmm. they play in File Browser.13:57
poetasterI've been wanting to do a lot of tweaks, but get distracted by other software mia.13:57
poetasterah, but cool. another day, another release.13:58
poetastermal, I've lost track of FP2/3 etc dev. Do you know anyone that could benefit from a device. I just don't have time.14:13
poetasterI have an FP2 with extra parts and almost new battery14:13
malpoetaster: I have fp2, fp3 and fp4 devices, just a bit lack of time14:13
poetastermal, I'll post on the forum.14:14
malI should test a new kernel on fp2 and make 4.4 release and debug fp3 boot issue14:15
malI have only booted sailfish on fp4 using mainline kernel (5.18 rc if I remember correctly)14:16
malbut that won't be usable for release so I need to build regular android based build14:16
poetasterah, which kernel ist that ?14:17
malfp4 android uses 4.19 kernel14:18
poetasterpiggz, I don't want to annoy you, but I'm really working on apps that require video on the volla. I've tried against the Experia 10 ii, and it sucks.16:53
piggzpoetaster: video playback is an issue?16:54
poetasterpiggz, not. recording.16:54
piggzmal: fancy helping me figure out the droidmedia hang issue, as poetaster is annoying me16:55
poetasterpiggz, I've implemented a frame grabber which works, but sometimes, I just want 'point and shoot' and then rework.16:55
poetasterpiggz, if I poke hard enough, I may get useful info16:56
malpiggz: where does it hang?17:13
piggzmal: ill have to get logs again ,,i did find it at one point17:14
Krikkehey hey, I just flashed my Xperia 10 III with sailfish but after removing the usb cable the phone is stuck with a blue led18:19
Krikkeholding the power button doesn't seem to do anything18:20
KrikkeI replugged the usb cable and issued fastboot reboot, seemed to work!18:24
x2sI wanted to add that it is always possible to force a reboot by holding the power button and volume down, but Krikke was too fast...18:43
attahWith this new app roundup format, i think SeaPrint might make the news every time... which is a bit much perhaps :P19:33
attahOr maybe the problem is me not being able to stop19:34
poetasterit's fundemental kit, attah.19:53
attahTrue... but still19:54
poetasterhej, I'm just happy I DIDN'T wind up on the list. It was going to my head :)19:57
poetasterDavid paid me a real complement by including me in the docs. No one reads those. That's an honor.19:57
attahHmm, you really should be there19:59
poetasterat least you have focus. I'm a bit of anarchy in action. though I did do some proper work today.19:59
poetasterHmm, what do you mean?19:59
attahAt your speed, the roundup should be about half you20:00
poetasterNah, half of what I'm doing is emergency medical response chest thumping.20:00
attahsounds pretty important to me20:01
poetasterI dunno. I'm having fun. Even under less than optimal conditions, development workflows make sense.20:02
poetasterThe Q/A people are communicative. You can even talk to engineering management directly.20:02
poetasterWhat's not to love :)20:02
attahHmm, i only ever got copy-pasta back20:03
attahBut i too am having fun... it is nice with getting to take time doing things20:04
attahBut i have my man in the inside, so it all works out in the end20:05
poetasterYeah, and I really have work slack at the moment. So it's not so hard to produce more.20:05
attahOh, and that is part of what you meant, i just need to learn to read20:05
attahLike how can some company be that wasteful... you clearly could do some pretty neat things for them20:06
poetasterOh.... I'm at the end of 15 years of failing with not one, but 3 interwoven concerns on that count20:07
poetasterhmmm. attah, you are clearly doing neat things for them. they won't forget.20:10
poetasteror else.20:10
attahthat else bit is scary... who in their right mind would hire me? :P20:11
poetasteryou're a diligent programmer that produces, of their own accord, software of utility, just 'cause'.20:12
attah...that has yet to ever have had a technical interview xD20:13
poetasterHeh. that's funny. I'm a psychologist. I just happen to have been programming a long time.20:18
attahInteresting :) We had an astrophysicist and certified music critic at my last employer... he probably would beat us all20:20
poetasterI've known some formidable people who came from left field.20:20
poetasterphysics and music make good bedfellows. and math, natch.20:24
poetasteron the other hand, I have a very talented math prof friend who is a TERRIBLE programmer.20:24
attahAh, yes... that is a classic20:25
attahWhat readability? Oh, conventions you say?20:25
poetasterLet's just put it this way.... his c would break the most elaborate theorem solver.20:32
poetasterbut he knows things about tensors which make my teeth hurt. he's an analytic math guy.20:36
attahpoetaster: time for bed... g'night!20:39
poetasterg'night to you!20:40
piggzmal: poetaster: bt shows it stuck in gst_droid_camsrc_stop_video_recording
piggzlol, and that exact function is in my web search history21:18
piggzand then ints in gcond_wait, which would be this line
piggzin logcat, we see21:19
piggz05-18 21:13:17.401  3080  3777 W CameraSource: Timed out waiting for incoming camera video frames: 213926628 us21:19
piggz05-18 21:13:17.461  3080  3778 W CameraSource: Waiting on an available memory base timed out. Dropping a recording frame.21:19
piggz05-18 21:13:17.662  3080  3778 W CameraSource: Waiting on an available memory base timed out. Dropping a recording frame.21:19
piggz05-18 21:13:17.862  3080  3778 W CameraSource: Waiting on an available memory base timed out. Dropping a recording frame.21:19
piggztime for sleep, continue tomorrow :)21:21
malpiggz: are you sure the recording actually works at all?21:38
malif there are no frames coming from camera it fails there21:38

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