Thursday, 2022-05-19

piggzmal: thats what I wa hinting out ... seems like no frames06:38
enderfun, I can't shut down my Xperia 10 (it just starts back up)15:09
malender: press both volume and power button for several seconds until you feel several vibrations (there is first one vibration and a few seconds later ), then release the buttons and it will shutdown, preferrably do that just after it started booting so the os is not fully running15:15
malender: volume up and power buttons15:15
enderthanks, that worked (and I shut it down from the initial Enter PIN screen)15:16
endernot that I care too much, I'm just preparing to set up 10 III15:17
malthat shutdown issue is annoying but it's caused by some firmware issue so not really fixable15:18
enderhonestly, I never noticed before, because this is the first time I intentionally shut down the phone15:20
malyeah, it's not very common that people need to shut down a phone, unless for preserving battery15:21
ender(I did have another issue in the last few weeks [possibly since the update] – the phone seemed to stop responding a few times [black screen, my bluetooth headset lost connection], and when I touched any of the buttons, it started as if it was off)15:23
malhmm, strange15:26
enderdoesn't matter too much, the battery was also pretty bad (wouldn't last the whole day), and the screen is cracked15:27
malyeah, sounds like it was time for a new device then15:28
enderhere's to hope that they fixed my long-standing issue with phone stopping all notifications (ringing, vibration)15:31
enderweird thing happened when I booted SailfishX on my new 10 III the first time: it wouldn't accept my PIN (for the SIM card) - kept saying that it was wrong, but the remaining try counter did not decrease17:41
enderI cancelled the PIN dialog, finished setup, then went to Settings and disabled and re-enabled SIM slot 1, and it worked17:41
enderanother thing: after restoring backup, it wouldn't take my Nextcloud password; I deleted and recreated the account, now Settings seems frozen at "Retrieving calendar details" (the spinner is not spinning, but tapping the app doesn't show the "Not responding" popup)17:51
norayrdid you notice an issue that choosing a picture from the android app won't work? you choose but then nothing happens.17:55
norayrwhen i click on a button to choose the image, some file manager like thing is opened, i can select something, tap 'select' but then that image doesn't seem17:56
norayrto go to the actual opening app.17:56
malnorayr: choosing from where?17:57
norayri don't know which app opens to choose the image. it looks like a file manager17:58
norayrit has this 'sandwich' icon in the left upper corner, so when i tap it, the animated menu from left gets open17:59
norayrthe header says 'open from'17:59
norayrthen i have choices - recent, images, downloads. and then two uuid's for the internal and external storage.17:59
norayroh and i have 'gallery' at the bottom17:59
norayrlet me try it17:59
norayryes, i already did. :/ it just opens sort of a gallery with 'Select photo' header, and it shows albums, but inside only gray squares, no actual images.18:00
malwhich android app are you talking about?18:01
norayrit is called 'manyverse'.18:01
norayri can write and 'post' texts, but not choose images. :/18:02
norayri am installing 'simple gallery pro' from fdroid now, hope it'll help me somehow.18:05
norayrso i can see 'simple gallery pro' from that open dialog, but images chosen by it also don't go to the app. let me think, or try other gallery app?18:22
norayrls -al18:24
norayri was checking permissions and it got typed in this window. sorry. (:18:24
enderwhere are the keyboard files again on sailfishos?19:34
enderok, found it19:41
enderfun, Accounts is still saying that I'm not logged in to one of my e-mail accounts, despite the mails arriving without problems19:42
enderhm, Storeman isn't installing for me on Xperia 10 III21:37

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