Friday, 2022-05-20

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poetasterender, storeman hasn't been built for yet. could take a bit of time.12:37
poetasterender, status can be seen here
ThaodanYou can see here how busy the obs is get an idea how long it will take:
malpoetaster: I added a dummy .64 target to chum, it just uses .58 in the background because the changes are so small that we don't really need the new target13:09
malI will add it to the testing project also once the devel part has built13:10
poetasterThaodan, thanks13:12
poetastermal, cool and thanks!13:12
poetastersigh. I'm a bit too present on the monitor.13:14
Renaud[m]I see one of my packages, that makes me happy :)13:15
poetasterfahrplan is a biatch. I need to remove parsers that are defunct and speed it up a bit.13:16
poetasterjolla crew, thanks again for making ffmpeg a Compatibilty perm. It's fun even if I have to refactor in the long term.13:18
malwhat do you mean?13:20
poetasterpermits me to use ffmpeg, from python and still get in harbour :)13:21
malI didn't know about that :)13:21
poetastervery useful.13:21
poetasteris this booster still current? X-Nemo-Application-Type=silica-media14:29
enderwhy is the LED on Xperia 10 III lit green nearly constantly?14:47
poetasterattah, I think I first need to finish my stop motion animation app. But I've been sitting on an audio synthesis app for 9 months.18:16
attahporque no los dos?18:18
attahNo, but seriously, both are cool - either will be a nice addition18:19
poetasterah, like silly gif exports, it's one of those things I do. make silly animations.18:19
attahPretty sure that counts as classical art nowadays18:20
poetasterconsidering the NFT craze, absolutely.18:21
poetasterFunny, not so long ago I noticed some swedish sfos programmer had gone completely to fine art. oil paintings.18:21
malI triggered chum testing build now18:37

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