Thursday, 2022-05-26

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piggzflypig: i noted that the BT settings page uses an API calles Sailfish.Bluetooth for its list view of devices, wondered if that was available for use?09:42
piggzthats all I use qt-bluetooth for, and saves me writing my own dbus based model/selector09:42
piggzconsistency here would be good09:43
flypigI'd have to check, but do you know what package is providing it?09:43
piggzi dont, i was just digging in the qml :)09:43
piggzwill try and figure it out09:44
piggzflypig: sailfish-components-bluetooth-qt509:45
piggzwell, im not harbour compatible anyway, lets see where this goes09:46
alinmelena[m]today I had a funny bug after 2h or so I lost the gps on xperia II09:46
flypigThanks, maybe there's a possibility to make that harbour compatible. I'm not sure.09:46
alinmelena[m]is that a known issue?09:46
alinmelena[m]this was using here maps09:47
flypigWhat do you mean by "lost"?09:47
alinmelena[m]so may be android09:47
alinmelena[m]kept looking for gps09:47
alinmelena[m]from working to waiting for gps09:47
flypigI'm not sure whether that's known or not, but worth logging a bug about it on the forum I'd say. As you say, it may or may not be Android.09:48
flypigHave you experienced it with any non-Android apps?09:48
alinmelena[m]nope since the only map i use is here maps09:49
alinmelena[m]I will seetonight when i return09:49
alinmelena[m]i have a 3h drive back09:49
alinmelena[m]and while i know the road i will put it on to test09:50
nephrosdcaliste: do you think there is interest in this one-liner, which lets IM addresses display in Contacts?
flypigalinmelena[m], that would be superb. Thank you.09:50
nephrosdidn't think I was that scray.09:57
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piggzflypig: that component isnt so reusable, looks like it handles the pairing etc ... but gives some hints10:03
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piggzpoetaster: ping16:52
alinmelena[m]flypigmurphy's law20:28
alinmelena[m]worked perfectly at return no issues20:28

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