Friday, 2022-05-27

poetasterpiggz[m], pong15:13
poetasterpiggz[m], had 2 days house full of kids after night with just the GF on the town.15:15
poetasterpiggz[m], that make it into .64?15:29
poetasterhmmm. just took a 4.3.0.x to, reboot, ref up, Camera is black.15:59
poetasterno third party repos, nothing installed but stock.16:00
Thaodanpoetaster: what distro are you running?16:08
ThaodanYou can get the diff between to sfos versions with repo diff16:09
poetasterit's the volla adaptation.16:09
ThaodanI mean on pc16:09
poetasterubuntu 2016:10
poetasterThaodan, I think it's a work in progress since piggz reported progress on screenshots. so droidmedia issues in flux.16:11
Thaodanpoetaster: I could have read it wrong, I'd did sound like you said the issue is because you upgraded to but but adaptation repo also changed probably. That's why I suggest to repo diff so you can directly see what has changed between the two minor versions.16:14
poetasterThaodan, that was clear and makes sense. problem is that between wednesday and an hour ago I was offline16:30
poetasterThaodan, piggz had pinged to say he made some progress. but unclear where. dev/testing .58, .6416:30
poetaster@piggz jolla-camera on cli file:///usr/lib64/qt5/qml/com/jolla/camera/settings/CameraDeviceToggle.qml:20: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined16:37
piggzwhat have u done :D16:37
poetasterI'm not the only one:
poetasterpiggz, that was a clean phone. no dev activity, no thirdparty installs.16:39
poetasternephros carddav plugin addition is a great, and simple, improvement!16:39
poetasterpiggz, your success not on screenshots, was that on dev?16:40
Thaodanpoetaster, piggz In any you're interested in the diff between for and
poetasterThaodan, thanks!16:54
poetasterThaodan, are you still interested in a repo for multimodal?16:55
poetasterpiggz, you made new screenshots for advanced camera?17:03
piggzpoetaster: no, i made screenshots using volla17:03
poetasterpiggz, I just installed advanced and thought those were new.17:04
poetasterpiggz, it was clear what you were getting at. just not how :)17:04
piggzpoetaster: devel: has new lipstick-qt517:04
poetastercool. on the .64 release, in advanced camera, Camerea:0 -1x-1 ?17:05
poetasterswitching goes to 1 320x240 and back to 0 320x24017:06
poetasterdamn. forgotten how to switch to devel :)17:07
poetasterI know I have to change:  - adaptation-community        ...
piggzpoetaster: camera works here17:14
piggznot video17:14
poetasterdon't get it. this was a fresh flash device with no activity. I literally flashed, tested video, crashed it once with screenshots and put it on the shelf.17:15
poetasterwhere where the ssu config files (somewhere in var?)17:16
poetasterOr, you tell me a systematic approach that might help you.17:16
Thaodanconfigs are in etc usually (if not packaged)17:16
Thaodanbut just try ssu lr first.17:17
poetasterssu lr gave me the repo (testing above). I want to swap to dev. it's not in /etc/ssu17:17
ThaodanYou can override that in etc17:17
Thaodandon't edit suff in /usr17:18
Thaodanssu ar <repo> <url> should override the config in /usr.17:18
poetasterThaodan, you suggest dr and ar17:18
poetasterThaodan, previously I had swapped from devel/testing by editing a file. but I can do ssu disable and ssu add.17:21
piggzpoetaster: or, you could stay on testing, and i can add a proper testing repo...17:37
piggznot sure what would have happened to your system if you install a version that doesnt have middleware packaged!17:38
poetasterpiggz, it's up to you. it's a device that's there for testing this sort of thing.17:38
poetasterheh. middleware .... (what ever it was john cleese said to the english from the ramparts).17:39
piggzpoetaster: its in  the process of building, hold on17:42
poetasterpiggz, ah, cool.17:42
poetasterpiggz, so on the volla 22 they're showing multiboot with sailfish, that's cool17:50
poetasterpiggz, and it's a GS5 :)17:50
piggz[m]whos showing that?17:51
poetastervolla on the indiegogo page.17:51
poetaster'It's a world premiere: We equip the Volla Phone 22 with a multi-boot function as standard. '17:52
poetasterPersonally, I think it's a good idea. sadly, ubuntu touch isn't making progress.17:53
piggzpoetaster: .64 is ready18:08
piggzand, ive seen UT working on volla2218:08
poetasterah, cool.18:21
poetasterthat they invest in UT is the one reason I'll buy a 22 from volla. Even though I'm sfos through and through.18:22
poetasteryet another long shot.18:22
poetasterpiggz, The following 8 package updates will NOT be installed:18:26
poetasterpiggz, I'm such a suck debian guy :)18:26
poetasterwell, I do have LFS boxes :)18:27
poetasterzypper install community-adaptation-testing-
poetasterah. damn. middle ware. damn.18:42
norayrpiggz is amazfish written for gtk3 or gtk4 or gtk2? (i know it is initially qml)19:28
norayri am thinking of packaging it for maemo leste.19:28
norayrbecause i used one version under, don't remember, mobian? or pmos?19:29
Thaodanwrong channel?19:38
ThaodanIn any case its neither GTK version.19:38
norayrThaodan: no no, not a wrong channel. the initial version is qml, but then piggz also made an effort (which not many people do) and it has ui which19:46
norayrworks on regular linux. so on almost any linux phone, not only sailfish.19:46
norayri used it under pmos or mobian, don't remember exactly.19:46
norayrmaybe that's regular qt though.19:48
piggznorayr: yeah, qt and qml19:55
piggznorayr: the UI uses an abstraction layer, so can work using qtquic2controls on normal desktop linux, and silica controls on sailfish (and whatever UT uses)20:00
norayrpiggz: i'd like to try to package it for maemo. let's see.20:01
piggznorayr: sure, that would be great, ill accept any PR's for that if you need to change anything..20:02
piggzwhat init system is used over there?20:02
norayroh, true... didn't think of init system.20:03
norayrnot systemd, openrc? let me check.20:03
piggzi ask because it mostly assumes systemd, and installs a user unit for the daemon part ... there is a build flag to disable systemd usage, but you would need another way to start the daemon20:03
piggzi havnt done a lot of testing with that config, but you probably want to use it20:04
Thaodannorayr: This is the Sailfish OS channel if you want talk about Maemo Leste there are channels for that.20:10
piggzi guess he was just looking for me :)20:11
piggzhappy to move it to another channel20:11
ThaodanYou're in high demand^^20:12
piggzwell, more than happy to get more devs onboard with amazfish20:23
piggztryiny do do that port away from qt-connectivity to kf5bluezqt ... devicesModel is empty though :/20:24

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