Sunday, 2022-05-29

attahHow can i convince the build system to ship a whole sub-directory as resources in an app?17:12
attahShould i be kicking at OTHER_FILES, or go to the RPM spec?17:13
Thaodanattah: QMAKE? you use a subdir template and then have individual parts for code and data17:21
ThaodanSee here in communi for example:
attahThis is pip3-installed deps for pyotherside... probably free to choose build system17:22
ThaodanAh pyotherside.. I guess you also use qmake? Pythonside are less pythonic usually I think.17:23
attahI have yet to actually add code... assembling pieces and trying things17:24
attahThinking packaging is hardest, the rest i have done before more or less17:24
attahso i basically just want a directory "deps" somewhere near my QML, and sys.path.append() it from my bridging module17:25
attahand it has like a gazillion files and probably will change in the future17:26
ThaodanI'd probably use some virtualenv to gather every dependency that sailfishos doesn't provide17:28
ThaodanEither via requirements.txt or git submodules17:28
Thaodansubmodules are easier for building thou.17:28
attahI have figured out how to pip3-install to a directory all i need17:31
attahStep 1 is just to get my rpm to actually contain it17:31
attahFuture improvement is to get the architecture right.. some parts i don't use yet have architecture dependencies17:32
attahIs there any chance of using pip in the build engine? And what shell should i be barking up? build-shell?18:30
attahsfdk tools package-install SailfishOS- python3-pip18:38
attahand it cross-compiles like it should, jaay18:39
Thaodanattah: If pip is used during build at it as buildrequires18:56
attahif only i knew how to use it at build time :)18:57
Thaodanin the %build section or your build system.18:58
ThaodanBut if it connects to the internet to download data  you can't really.18:58
attahwhy not?18:58
ThaodanI mean you can if the builder has internet connection but the build env is less reproduceable e.g. if the out of the sources changes19:00
ThaodanThat's why I said git submodules as those can be downloaded before the build and the commit state of the submodule is commit to the log.19:01
attahYes, still trying to figure out what i want in that regard - preliminary first version is to prep all 3 architectures and then put that in the rpm19:01
attahNot super keen on version-controlling compiled stuff.. but maybe i should19:01
ThaodanYou mean a per $arch folder into the the rpm?19:02
ThaodanCross compilling stuff with pip is pita..19:02
Thaodanlanguage sorry19:02
attahcorrestponding deps_$arch folder renamed to jsut deps in the rpm19:02
attahsfdk sorted my cross-compilation just fine :)19:03
Thaodanyeah sb2 does that quite good19:03
ThaodanYou could add each dependency as a submodule and then call pip with those sources during build19:04
attahfair... but for what is little more than a fart-app i an not so sure it is worth it19:05
attah(online media url-scraper thingy for getting streams to play)19:05
attahLike it's nice to have, but doesn't need to be professional19:06
attahi'll also look in to pip version pinning... might be a thing19:06
piggzflypig: Thaodan: amazfish is ported away from qt-connectivity-bluetooth ... what is the eta for 4.5 in terms of weeks or months, i know u dont know exactly19:23
ThaodanI'm not equipped to say that.19:24
ThaodanCan you use kf5bluez also in 4.4.x?19:25
piggzThaodan: yes, im now using kf5bluezqt19:47
piggzjust wondered if i should release on add other things19:48

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