Monday, 2022-05-30

poetasterpiggz, the testing repo you built. how is it used?07:37
poetasterpiggz[m], ah, that was a lipstick, screensnapshot fix, but not the droidmedia video fix.09:44
Mister_Magister look jolla, it's not so hard to build pulseaudio against soxr, i didn't even modify single line!13:25
Mister_Magisterget freaking on it13:25
poetasterMister unmodified Magister :-)13:26
Mister_Magisterand it fails for whatever reason13:27
* Mister_Magister spins angrily13:27
Mister_Magisterit was wroking fine in past13:27
Mister_Magisterprobably jolla broke something13:28
poetasterMister_Magister, you're going to have to modify a line. maybe 2.13:28
Mister_Magisterpoetaster: hmmm wonder which13:28
poetastermodules/bluetooth/module-bluez5-device.c:784:26: and 780?13:28
ThaodanIt wouldn't be magicly be preinstalled it has to be added as buildrequires13:28
Thaodan[  228s] ../libtool: line 7488: cd: lib: No such file or directory that fails13:29
Mister_MagisterThaodan: yes but you can add it to buildrequires in project config lel13:30
Mister_Magisterbut adding it to build requires is so easy13:30
ThaodanWhich is just bad packaging but sure13:30
poetasterThaodan, ah, now I see it.13:31
Mister_Magisterjust an example that it doesn't require reworking a ton, just needs to be added as dependency and pa will pick it up13:31
Mister_Magisterand soxr builds fine just fine13:31
Mister_Magisternow i gotta figure out what jolla broke13:35
* Mister_Magister spins angrily even faster13:35
ThaodanYou don't have the latest version13:36
ThaodanCheck which is used in 4.4.x and use that13:37
Mister_Magisteri can pull master13:37
mal4.4 uses 14.2+git613:38
Mister_Magisterdoubt it will change anything tho13:39
Mister_Magisterand i was right, i hate to be right13:40
Mister_Magistereven on master i had same issue13:40
maldoes it build if you don't have soxr installed?13:42
malso what does soxr dependency break13:43
Mister_Magisterthats the question13:43
Mister_Magisternormally and previously, pulseaudio just picked up soxr and built fine13:44
Mister_Magisterbut that doesn't seem to be the case anymore13:44
Mister_Magister see, i removed soxr and it builts fine13:46
Mister_Magisterliterally every other distro includes soxr by default and jolla specifically decided to ruin my life13:53
Mister_Magisterif i'm angry out of proportions then it's because its not first or even 10th time, more like 100th or 200th time13:54
Thaodanthat's not true and you know that15:09
poetasteranyone know if use of libavfilter via gstreamer is allowed in harbour?15:32
poetasterhmmmm. doesn't look like it.15:36
Mister_MagisterThaodan: it is true16:11
poetasterpiggz[m], it's a bit of a conundrum. I can't update to because it causes camera to be unusable.17:24
poetasterpiggz[m], and I think solves a number of things. sigh. I have tried. really. two runs on a fresh flash virgin like device.17:25
poetasterI don't want to develop on the xperia 10ii. damn.17:25
IstiophorusI'm wondering if it's possible to update a specific system app in a community port, namely the browser. What's available for my device is SFOS and as far as I know the browser got vastly improved in
IstiophorusMy number one problem apart from it being dated is video playback, for example from youtube. Saw an issue on github about this (video slowing over time but audio goes normally) and saw that it was fixed in
ThaodanIstiophorus:  You can update the so however over time some lower level things changed18:21
Thaodanthe later the release the higher the chance that stuff breaks18:22
Istiophorussorry what do you mean by so?18:22
IstiophorusOh right. I've tried that but update removes some critical hw packages and upon reboot I don't have GUI (display is stuck in the bootloader logo)18:27
piggzpoetaster: so, why are you breaking things? :D19:38
attahvim user detected?19:52
alinmelena[m]sorry worst...19:53
alinmelena[m]did not realise i pressed the key19:53

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