Monday, 2022-06-06

abrapparently the Pebble guy has a kickstarter or something going for a <6" android phone. he's asking a lot of money for it though.06:07
IngvixI mean, lower than 6" isn't really that small08:01
Ingvixif it was  <5" it08:01
Ingvix'd be more interesting08:01
*** spiiroin_ is now known as spiiroin08:25
FlohackGood eve, anyone experience with cell broadcast and Ofono?19:56
FlohackI would be interested in a list of topics and how the subscription property looks like19:57
attahNo real experience... but did you see this?
attahOr wait... maybe it wasn't even on a dbus level and i need to learn to shut up :)20:08
FlohackErm lemme look20:12
FlohackAh thats cell info. Similar but not what I need, its about the emergency broadcasts, and the device needs to subscribe to those infos20:12
attahGotta have those presidential alerts ;)20:18
attahNo but seriously... we all know who the maestro is there... so better just ask him20:20
FlohackYOu mean Slava? xD20:23
FlohackKk but hard to reach :P20:24
Solrac[m]Hello. I think I may have found a bug that kills audio until reboot (on 10 III) I'd like to make a proper report, how can I get logs for this?23:04

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