Tuesday, 2022-06-07

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dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, sorry for being so late this morning.07:14
pvuoreladcaliste: good morning.07:14
dcalisteI didn't have time last week to work on the invitation ICS import we discussed last week. Hopefully, I'll have more time this week. I've spent most of my free time for Sailfish investigating the FM radio receiver for 10 ii. Android building is really a different beast.07:17
pvuorelai can imagine :)07:17
pvuorelahow's that looking?07:17
dcalisteThaodan and abranson helped me being in contact with Alin from Sony. He provided some open source implementation for the userland part. The target being to make them added first to the Sony AOSP image. But they are dependant on a Qualcomm blob, including some private headers also.07:19
pvuorelauh, interesting.07:20
dcalisteSo at the moment, it still looks not tractable, at least from my point of view. Let see if Alin can circumvent this blob issue.07:20
dcalisteI'm still trying to include the open source parts though, but well I'm struggling with the build system.07:21
dcalisteEach time you touch a makefile (or the equivalent) it runs a process to uptade the whole tree (60GB of sources) and this process consums more than 16GB of memory during some minutes. That out of my comprehension !07:22
dcalisteHopefully I'll have something to report to Alin soon so it can go on a bit.07:24
dcalisteI guess news for the week view design are not ready ;) Besides, since I didn't work on the ICS importation I don't have much more to report today.07:30
pvuorelayea, there's some of design that was done earlier but unfinished.07:31
dcalisteNo problem, anyway, I'm already quite busy waiting for my machine to stop swapping when I try to add a new building target (and made a mistake, or put it in the wrong file and need to redo it again).07:33
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