Wednesday, 2022-06-08

lbt_So I had some community OBS issues with which have finally been resolved. Apologies for the delay.10:38
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piggzlbt: what issues?17:21
Thaodanpiggz: there was no repo for 4.4.06418:15
poetasterThaodan, on the upside
poetasterThaodan, thanks for you help. I managed to improve sydney EFA and the DK & salzburg parsers are in progress.20:30
Thaodanpoetaster: good to hear20:30
Thaodanif you have any pointers in fixing the Finnish backend I will look into it20:31
poetasterThaodan, I'll look at it tomorrow. I've also started on an mgate (rest/json) parser and, and so I've been slow on getting to others.20:32
Thaodanpoetaster: sounds great20:33
Thaodangood progress20:33
poetasterThaodan, at some point maybe we can talk about the kde backend. I've been reading a lot in it and it is, I think, the way to go.20:34
poetasterand I love obbs. piggz, don't break it.20:35
poetasterfix the volla :)20:36
piggzi fixed screenshot, just video to fix :)20:36
poetasterpiggz, cool. fix video. I'm doing transport api stuff cause I can't 'quite' do camera stuff like I'd like20:37
poetasteranother day, another release pushed to chum. hint. hint. :)20:38
poetasterheh. just ran the emulator and it said it couldn't install from sdk because external repos were not allowed ....20:40
Thaodanpoetaster: i wonder how far it's worth to fix existing backends when moving to a new one20:42
poetasterThaodan, it's only a stop gap. But some on the EFA side seem stable. The hafas side mgate will cover more or less anyone using hafas.20:43
Thaodanpoetaster: ok20:44
lbtI should make latest => now that chum has built :)21:22
mallbt: maybe I should replace the .64 target with the real one in chum, I faked it with .58 target21:24
mallbt: in here
lbtyou should.... I just updated latest too21:25
poetasterthanks guys. obs is good.21:26
lbtThere was a dumb problem in the prjconf that was hacked in to help with some rust stuff. It caused issues and has now been commented out and I've made a note for next time :)21:27
poetasterjeez. I forgot that thing builds rust :)21:28
piggzlbt: building images on gitlab with mic ... the version in 4.4 fails, but 4.3 works ok, error is here

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