Thursday, 2022-06-09

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piggzrinigus: hey ... i was wondering, if we should think about adding some more community maintainers to chum09:29
poetasterpiggz[m], if it means camera fixes on volla, I'm in :)10:08
poetaster(ducks and runs)10:08
riniguspiggz: sure! we can add more. looks like you managed to get most of the requests sorted out recently14:08
Thaodanpoetaster: have you look at this parser replacement for sbhc?
norayrpeople, are you able to use jolla phone with the latest update?20:24
norayrit doesn't open half of the connections for me because of ssl problem.20:25
norayris this unsolvable?20:25
norayreven storeman doesn't connect. but jolla store connects.20:25
malnorayr: support for jolla phone was dropped already quite a while ago  not sure if there is some way to manually update it to some later version, probably might need some hacking to achieve a working phone20:31
norayrmal, i know about official support. i wonder if someone still uses the device, and what can be done about it.20:34
malif it's just certificate issue then it might be possible to install package manually, maybe check this
malnorayr: according to that there another way also, check which way you want to trt20:41
norayrmal, thank you! i've got distracted. now i'll try.23:09

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