Friday, 2022-06-10

norayrso it worked. unfortunately not the second option. but the first option, used after the second option didn't work.09:02
norayrbut i was searching something for this vainly.09:02
norayrthank you for the link.09:03
poetasterThaodan, ah, I had overlooked that...10:14
poetasterlbt, fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host: github.com11:42
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus maybe someone sees something I've overlooked:
cos^Just came to check this room out. There's a larger sailfish room at , i think it would be worth merging the rooms at one point. Having two rooms on same topic is a bit confusing.13:07
poetastermatrix clients suck universally.13:32
cos^not relevant on this issue13:36
Thaodancos^: To where is the room bridged so far? There's also a liberachat room which is currently only used to tell users to go to oftc.13:38
Thaodanpoetaster: Yes they suck.. I prefer IRCv3 every day so far.13:38
ThaodanHaven't found a good one for emacs for example.13:38
cos^Thaodan: it's not bridged anywhere13:39
poetasterThaodan, I have/had weechat running matrix, but it's limited. I'm constantly writing scripts to administer synapse. nightmare.13:39
poetasterThaodan, worst abuse of postgres I have ever witnessed.13:40
Thaodanpoetaster: I know of that plugin, I tried to use it to connect an irc client to weechat but sadly it didn't work.13:40
poetasterThaodan, took a while, but I have one colleague that's still using it (work). I use gomuks for work.13:41
Thaodanpostgres is very good, sad so hear its getting abused.13:41
poetasterThaodan, yes. I mean, it's quite common for dbs to be used incorrectly. still.13:41
ThaodanIt's sad that matrix-ircd or purple-matrix isn't going anywhere.13:41
Thaodanpoetaster: Yes I think so, I still read the frequent discussions on akonadi's uses of dbs.13:42
cos^For those still wishing to use IRC clients, there is
Thaodancos^: thanks13:43
poetastercos^, the room in question is on the central server?13:43
cos^poetaster: rooms are not on any specific server, they are decentralized between all participating ones13:44
poetastercos^, not on my matrix server. I don't federate.13:44
Thaodancos^: sounds very, very nice however that reminds be I wanted to improve IRCv3 in emacs-circe and Communi-Sailfish..13:44
ThaodanI need a 48h day..13:44
cos^poetaster: there are about 30 servers in that room, so it's distributed on all of them13:45
poetastercos^, as far as I can tell, you can bridge the oftc rooms into that room with no real work.13:46
poetastercos^, maybe try #_oftc_#somewhere:matrix.org13:46
poetastercos^, newer docs
cos^poetaster: i don't think it makes much sense to bridge to IRC, it's not relevant anymore. Also major networks require kicking users after idle timeout which sucks.13:47
poetastercos^, 'relevant' to whom. Jeez. Might as well use whatsapp13:48
ThaodanI agree it is subjective.13:48
poetasterI know the internals of the matrix synapse reference server. the only working one. it is a fucking disaster.13:48
cos^Dendrite and conduit are not working ones?13:49
poetasterdendrite is not production ready. conduit I'm not familiar with.13:49
poetasterin any case, I'm here for technical work and not chat. sorry.13:50
poetasterfor that matter, synapse is not production ready. I have fail2ban rules to keep people from scrapping media urls.13:52
ThaodanThat sounds bad13:54
poetasterThaodan, I have paranoid users.13:54
cos^Do you have issue link for it?13:54
Nicoscraping media urls?13:55
NicoDoes that mean link previews?13:55
cos^First time I hear of the issue, I'd like to hear more info on it13:56
poetasterIt's a well known issue. It's mitigated by media being encryption, numerous tickets:
NicoWell, accessing media currently is unauthenticated, since it is hosted below a random id13:56
poetastershit, shouldn't have mentioned it. we've been here before.13:56
NicoBut you can use that patch to add authentication to the media repo:
Nico(Still writing up the spec change proposal to enforce that network wide)13:57
poetasterNico, we discussed this some time ago. I implemented a log watcher that logs ips without user sessions. those ips are banned if they access anything13:57
poetasterah, cool13:57
cos^Um, the URLs have a long random part that acts as "key" to prevent unauthenticated access. Regular rate limiting prevents scraping for them.13:57
Nicocos, still, adding auth to those endpoints is not a bad idea at this point (since web clients can now add auth headers to image tags)13:58
NicoEspecially since some people don't understand that key part and it allows revoking access13:58
poetaster'don't understand' ah, ha.13:59
cos^Nico: in some situations yes.. but that would break sharing the links outside Matrix clients (for example links to IRC channels)13:59
poetasterthis is the wrong forum for this discussion.13:59
Nicocos, yes, but such usecases should be opt in imo13:59
poetasterNico, thanks for the patch.13:59
Nico(Which is why my patch has an option to allow that)13:59
Nicopoetaster, just be aware that the stricter settings break clients like Element :314:00
cos^Yeah, but claiming " synapse is not production ready" because of this issue is just plain FUD14:00
poetastercos^, have you looked at how synapse uses postgres?14:01
NicoI have heard so many people claim that, that it is probably just a good idea to change it, so that people need to look for something else :D14:01
cos^poetaster: no.14:01
poetastercos^, sec, I'll give you a glimpse.14:02
poetasterNico, who what the genius that decided timestamp should be in milliseconds insteaf of unix epoch?14:02
cos^poetaster: but claiming that software that is used by >50M users including large companies, governments and public services to be not production ready isn't factually correct.14:03
Nicopoetaster, Why would you want second accuracy for a high bandwidth messaging service?14:03
NicoThat sounds terrible14:03
NicoArguably milliseconds is low resolution14:03
ThaodanIs unix epoch more memory consuming?14:04
poetasterNo, less.14:04
poetasterIt's just a quibble.14:04
NicoIt is exactly the same on most systems. Most systems use 64bit for both14:04
Nico(You don't store a unix timestamp in a 32 bit int.)14:05
poetasterNico, yes, I'm not quibbling with the resolution per say, just how it's stored. there is a native way to save the higher resolution.14:06
cos^poetaster: I don't care about how it uses postgres. Traditionally it's been quite memory hog but that has been improving constantly. Memory is no longer such huge issue for server admins.14:06
poetastercos^, as as system administer responsible for a matrix server, I'm constantly appalled.14:07
Nicopoetaster, in most cases it is stored as a string inside of the events json, so it doesn't really make a difference how you store it14:07
NicoEspecially since state snapshots are 50 to 95% of the db14:07
poetasterNico, you just made my point. dumping serialized data into a column.14:08
Nico(95% if you don't run the space compressor)14:08
poetasterthanks for the patch, it's in the ticket system: 41150efe5a4e4dc6d02e01c07f416949e93481a014:08
NicoJust make sure you test if it works for you before deploying14:10
poetasterNico, a question, in theory you can set retention policies at a room level?14:11
NicoSince it DOES break stuff14:11
Nicopoetaster, yes, but that feature is experimental and partially broken still14:11
NicoNeeds some MSC rework14:11
poetasterNico, thought as much. broke for me :)14:11
poetasterSo I wrote scripts using purge. which of course need custom time calculations.14:12
poetasterNico, is there another production ready server out there?14:12
NicoProbably the sane option for now14:12
NicoNo, but dendrite is pretty close already14:12
poetasterOk, thanks.14:13
Nico(Has the same limitations on media storage though, since that is required by the spec atm)14:13
cos^AFAIK Dendrite's lacking push notifications but otherwise it's completely usable. Not sure about SSO and module support though, they might be lacking.14:13
poetasterThaodan, you have any idea why obs would claim: fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host: github.com14:15
NicoHm, push notifications should work now, they were incorrectly sending timestamps as milliseconds instead of seconds14:15
poetasterNico, man you just keep making my arguments for me :) store epoch + offset, and don't dump those into json arrays because that forces you to parse ... blah, blah.14:16
NicoNo, the problem is that push notifications sent to the gateway for some reason use epoch ;p14:17
poetasterNico, from the dendrite server?14:18
NicoWell, the gateway needs epoch, but dendrite sent matrix timestamps :314:18
poetasterOk, that's what I meant. Epoch is obviously not enough, in my mqtt broker expermiments I stored 2 fields.14:22
poetasterNico, but I'm writing some stuff using clock_gettime at the moment since, unlike date, it supports down to nanoseconds.14:27
poetasterah, in time.h there is also gettimeofday with support.14:29
poetasterI'm being thick: date -u +'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%3NZ'14:30
poetaster%3 is milliseconds.14:31
poetasterrabbit hole. iso 8601 to millisecond resolution: date -u +'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%3N%Z'14:32
poetasterin my matrix postgres scripts I do: select to_timestamp(received_ts/1000)::date from events limit 514:38
poetasterwhich is ok for mose purposes.14:39
poetasterI'd store %Y-%m-%dT and %H:%M:%S.%3N in separate fields. the first field will take up practically no space.14:40
NicoSounds useless ;p14:41
poetasterI like to complicate things :) nah, used something like this in an extension to an mqtt broker to push extra time headers to subscribers.14:42
poetasterif I remember correctly, it was pretty useless :)14:42
poetasterNow I've spammed here quite enough. goes shopping.14:45
poetasterpiggz, rinigus I'm no longer able to update packages in chum:testing.17:03
poetasterpiggz, rinigus get stuff like: Error while triggering rebuild for sailfishos:chum:testing/fahrplan: No permission to modify project 'sailfishos:chum:testing' for user 'poetaster'.17:03
piggzlet me see..17:03
piggzyoure still a maintaner in fahrplan17:04
piggzproblem for lbt :D17:04
poetasterI thought maybe I screwed something up.17:04
poetasterfatal: ambiguous argument '2.0.41': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.  looks odd, but it correct across release, tag, spec17:05
poetasterI'll ping lbt next week.17:05
poetasterswiss users of chum will be so pissed :)17:06
poetasteranyone able to build for harmattan? I can't find my old meego sdk virtual17:30
riniguspoetaster: tried to replace with commit ID for fahrplan. then got an error: fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host: github.com17:59
poetasteryeah. me too. I think it really is an lbt?17:59
riniguspoetaster: weird. that doesn't happen to my project (tested in one devel repo)18:02
riniguswill try to replicate my _service18:02
riniguspoetaster: not much better:
riniguslbt or Keto: please look at
poetasterrinigus, thanks!18:16
poetasterrinigus, at some time we could talk privately about an 'open mapping' business/ngo. I feel a bit out of my depth, but I have a lot of experience with startups.18:17
poetasterand not for profits, for that matter.18:17
riniguspoetaster: no profits desired over that :)18:31
rinigusbut sure, we should do that. not now, though :)18:32
rinigusand it would be great to have such expertise on board18:32
rinigusthanks for the help!18:33
piggzrinigus: ive also got a github issue on OBS, cane clone a repo18:51
Thaodanwhat also helps is someone that can politely express problems19:32
Thaodanoften that is more important than an direct knowledge19:32
riniguspiggz: so, it is global then...19:42
piggzrinigus: yeah id say so, been pinging lbt for a few days :D19:51
Mister_Magisternoooo i locked myself out via dod packages22:01
Mister_Magisterwheres lbt when you need him22:02

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