Monday, 2022-06-13

x2sThis is the weirdest bug I've ever had. And it could be a hardware issue...09:48
x2sI get audio from the player, but not when I call someone...09:49
x2s(some might argue that this is a good thing, because I don't have to listen to others, but, uhm...)09:50
Ingvixwhy would you want audio from any player when you're calling someone?09:50
Ingvixsounds intentional rather than a bug09:50
x2sno, no, not simultaneously. In general09:50
x2sI can't hear the other person when I'm calling them.09:50
Ingvixah, you don't hear the caller09:50
x2sBut audio in general is working09:51
IngvixI see09:51
Ingvixthen it sounds more like a bug09:51
x2sEven after I rebooted?09:51
x2sI mean, this could be a problem with my provider09:54
x2sI give it an hour and then I probably have to order a new phone...10:23
x2sSadly the microSim doesn't fit in my N9, so I can't even test with another :(10:23
IngvixI always keep a spare full-sized sim frame around in case I need to fit a micro or nano sim to an older device10:25
x2sNot a bad idea.10:29
x2sI might have done this, too. The question is just: Where is it? :)10:30
malx2s: which device is that?10:36
x2sDon't tell me I can test for that?10:38
x2saaand it works again. Really looks like a provider problem and not myself. Puh. Anyway, I still want a 10 III :/11:17
x2s(and I've seen there's already a IV...)11:18
IngvixI'm quite fine with my 10 I11:18
x2sThe X is showing its age11:20
x2sFive years now and through a lot11:20
x2sI'm not a fan of replacing hardware, but there are good reasons to do so11:20
IngvixI'd be on jolla1 if it still got sw updates and the android support on wouldn't be way out of date11:22
x2sand now in the middle of a call suddenly the audio just went away. Not great, not nice :/11:51
x2sI guess my provider is at fault here. I'll wait until tomorrow.12:15
x2sNot that I would like to do some calls though...12:15
x2s(and I hate the fact that they force me to use the mobile phone. Give me a sip login and I can use my headset...)12:16
Mister_Magisterah yes, who needs update-alternatives that every linux distro has except for sailfishos because jolla is so beyond that12:38
Ingvixisn't update-alternatives a dpkg thing12:50
Ingvixonly on debian and derivative12:50
Ingvixor where ever else you install dpkg to12:51
x2sAt least Redhat and Suse are using it, too.12:57
IngvixI see, I must've assumed wrong then12:58
Ingvixvoid doesn't have it unless dpkg is installed12:58
x2son Debian it is located in the dpkg package, yes12:59
Thaodanupdate-alternatives works only for shell commands16:47
ThaodanFor telepathy-uis you don't need update-alternatives as those are dbus services requires by caller e.g. contact-ui16:48
ThaodanBut the such language doesn't help to achieve any goal16:50
piggz_rinigus: damn it, just implement latest apps wont you!!!17:41
riniguspiggz_: :)17:42
rinigus... going back to checking whether small geocoder changes fine on SFOS as well.17:43
riniguspiggz_: as for latest apps, probably have to make some kind of a hack. we had an issue regarding it, didn't we?17:44
piggz_yeah i think so ... afk for an hour....17:44
riniguslbt: we have few dod packages at . same in chum:testing17:51
riniguswould you mind to look into it when you get time?17:51
riniguspiggz_: couldn't find any issue; opened a new one
rinigustake your time with reply - no rush :)18:36
poetasterrinigus, I had thought the fast first take would be just to store/compare versions and float the changed versions into the 'latest' list.20:09

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