Tuesday, 2022-06-14

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela_07:01
pvuorela_dcaliste: morning!07:04
*** pvuorela_ is now known as pvuorela07:04
dcalisteThanks a lot for sharing the design for calendar revamp. It's a really good idea in my opinion to move the date label to the top and use the space for a tab header.07:07
dcalisteI thought about your various ideas and suggestions, I totally agree with all of them.07:08
dcalisteIn particular to separate the job into a task porting existing design to the new, and later on add the week view.07:08
dcalisteAbout tablet screen ratio, I'm the lucky owner of one, so I'll be able to test.07:09
pvuorelagood. some unknowns especially on the tablet size but hope that's enough to get going.07:09
pvuorelaand extra good if you actually have a device.07:09
dcalisteI don't have exactly in mind the tablet layout, it is using a large font for the day number in month view. I'll see but it may not be a big issue to put the tab header. What may be slightly strange may be the size difference between this large date indicatrion and the tiny icons for tabs.07:11
dcalisteAbout tabs, I think it's a good idea, even if they are not swapable by swipe since we don't change the view often, we can use these tiny headers for that and keep the swipe available for something more important like month or week change.07:13
dcalisteAs an add-on, we may even add a horizontal swipe in month view on the event list that would change day +/- 1.07:14
pvuorelahm, maybe. what might be difficult is if the event list is long and the view is scrolled while the +-1 list is shorter07:15
dcalisteIndeed. anyway first task is to create the tab headers, move the day indication there (and replace it by a clickable month) and uniformize with day view.07:17
dcalisteI don't have access to theme-jolla-ambient but with the icons you provided, I can manage an initial implementation for review easily enough.07:18
dcalisteBesides, the idea of spanning the full day events horizontally in the week view instead of vertically as initially done is really great. It naturally allows to add the summary as a label underneath.07:20
pvuorelayep, the theme isn't mandatory. it would have just automatically created the different sized image packages if the svgs are put in the svg directory.07:22
pvuorelabut the three pngs can be converted manually and copied to the device.07:22
dcalisteExactly, not a big deal. It's definitely enough to test the design implementation.07:23
dcalistepvuorela, do you have an idea if the mkcal switch to drop ::Ptr may be approved soon ? I guess all sailors are occupied !07:32
pvuoreladcaliste: been requesting final review but indeed people have been busy :/07:33
dcalisteOk, no problem, I've other areas to play with anyway ;)07:34
dcalisteWhile working on adding a label to warn that external invitations are read-only, I noticed that the status icon in the attendee list in the event view page has no right margin and is sticked to the right edge of the screen. I'm proposing jolla-calendar#317 to remedy to this cosmetic issue. If you think that's it's actually an issue ;)07:41
pvuorelawill check.07:49
fridlHello again, I will probably have some time for my Sailfish projects in the next weeks and I would love to get my Yubikey OTP generator (finally) in an useful state. Unfortunately I never got the necessary dependencies to OBS the "tar_git" way. So I need some help to understand some things. The most important:08:42
fridlI got for example this package building on OBS with a slightly adopted SPEC file: https://build.sailfishos.org/package/show/home:fridlmue/pcsc-ccid. But I want to do it proper with the upstream repo and a CHUM repository containing the rpm/*.spec and a submodule. Therefore, I got the Repository https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/pcsc-ccid and made another OBS package: https://build.sailfishos.org/package/show/home:fridlmue/pcsc-ccid-playground.08:42
fridlWhen I try that with the same .spec file, it fails. I guess, the problem is the "%setup -q -n %{_name}-%{version}" line.08:43
fridlAs you can see in the github history of that project, I was trying a lot to get my head around the right syntax there, but It seems that my understanding is not deep enough. I would be very glad about help. I have the same or very similar Issue with most of the other required packages, some are python, some are not. Furthermore, I also checkt some other CHUM spec files and project, but it never "clicked". :-(08:43
poetasterfridl, https://ccid.apdu.fr/files/pcsc-ccid-1.4.35.tar.bz2 is 404.09:31
poetasterfridl, so obs can't find the source?09:31
poetasterfridl, I'll have look later if I can help...09:32
poetasterfridl, oops, I jsut saw you had devined _name. sorry!09:34
fridlpoetaster, I'm happy about every hint! But, yes, that should be covered by _name...09:36
fridlthanks for having a look!09:37
poetasterfridl, I'd like to get it working too :)09:49
norayrsailfishos people, i wonder, if someone uses xperia 10, it has two cameras right? but sailfish camera doesn't handle two right? did you, before installing sailfishos, backed up the sony camera apk to use with alien dalvik?10:05
norayror even those who use older phones with one camera - did it make sense to backup the sony camera, because of it image processing capabilities? since i did not back up apks, can i find apks on play/aurora store or somewhere?10:06
fridlpoetaster, (and everyone who has an Idea on my question) as I don't have IRC bouncer I probably go Offline while lunch. But I'll check the IRC logs and be online again later. Thanks in advance for ideas!10:20

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