Thursday, 2022-06-30

frojndHi there09:26
frojndI'm wondering how can I install Pure maps from Chum?09:27
frojndWhen I go to chum All I see or can search is for installed apps09:27
frojndHow come?09:27
frojndIf I go under Applications inside Chum and I scroll to Pure maps and I find it and I want to install it I get couldn't installed package09:38
frojndOk I killed the chum gui and tried again now it went through09:39
poetasterrinigus, I just noticed, while testing installs from different repos, that installing from chum testing, I get an old version? how?19:22
poetasterattah, you around?20:33
nephros'd evening.20:52
poetasterand to you too. I was just reading your Dconf conundrum.20:53
attahpoetaster: apparently not :) and now i'm off to bed20:53
poetasterah, good night! maybe tommorrow!20:54
poetasternephros, stupid question. why save to dconf ?20:55
nephrosmeh because it's easy.20:55
nephrosI do it with all my apps. No  SQL and db design as with localstorage, no dealing with paths, ...20:57
poetaster'design' with sql. I toss everyting in localstorage because it's 'easy'. But I also like sqlite a lot.20:59
nephrosWell usually I don't have a lot to store,  just some config settings.21:00
nephrosI do abuse it thoroughly in themecolor though.21:00

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