Friday, 2022-07-01

ThaodanPSA: Webhook work again on the community OBS09:50
poetasterThaodan, thanks!17:04
attahpoetaster: /poke18:18
FlohackThaodan are you there ;)20:28
ThaodanFlohack: yeah20:32
FlohackThaodan super! I have a WiFi realted question, just posted this in network-manager channel, but I would be interested how SFOS solves that20:32
FlohackSo it seems to happen that when the device is in poor signal strength conditions, like you are walking on the edge of your home WiFi (maybe garden) the WiFi disconnects often. When trying to reconnect, even a few attempts can fail20:33
FlohackSo then NM stops retrying and, unnoticed to the user, it continues to use network internet. Which might not what you want. Android, in contrast, seems to retry forever to get into that WiFi it has set up as auto-connected20:33
ThaodanFlohack: Good that I'm working with NetworkManager recently :D20:33
Flohackhaha cool. see that20:33
FlohackBasically asking if SFOS has endless retries to push trhough bad reception20:33
ThaodanHm I'm not sure as I had rarely had to think about that. But I've seen SailfishOS picking up wifi up quite earlier. For example I life on the 3rd level and my Wifi only disconnects when I leave the elevator in the 1 level.20:35
FlohackYeah so my impression is Ubuntu Touch has this desktop setup where it would only retry 1 or 2 times and then gives up :P20:36
ThaodanI'm not exactly the connman guy so I might not exactly now.20:36
ThaodanHm I've seen that behavior in NetworkManager too but I bet there's some policy for that.20:36
FlohackOk but did you ever experience that after sitting at home for 2 hours you are still not in the WiFi, but its in the list of available ones20:36
FlohackYeah I will ask Thaller for that xD20:37
ThaodanAndroid also has the option to prefer the mobile data over low quality wifi networks.20:37
FlohackOh really20:37
Flohackman its getting complicated again :P20:37
ThaodanThat's how it looks for Sony stock but aosp has something similar20:43
FlohackAh nice thx!20:43
FlohackI just found this in NM: auth-retries The number of retries for the authentication. Zero means to try indefinitely; -1 means to use a global default. If the global default is not set, the authentication retries for 3 times before failing the connection. Currently, this only applies to 802-1x authentication.20:43
ThaodanFlohack: That sounds good but I wonder which layer decides which type of data connection to prefer20:48
FlohackWell currently its hardcoded in UT, WiFi is always preferred so to say ;)20:49
ThaodanI you're in a country like Germany I would prefer Wifi but here in Filand I don't care20:49
attah^ +120:49
ThaodanFlohack: Ok I guess can be only improved if nm can take into account the state of both mobile and wifi connections20:50
FlohackHehe yes its very user-specific.But to give users a choice first we need to analyze which options we have. For example, we also miss manual IP and users want to sue that, not to be forced to use a DHCP server. There is so much room for improvement ;)20:50
ThaodanSounds like it, things can get complicated fast..20:51
ThaodanI've spend over half a year on and of fixing the Qualcomm SDX55 Modem on SM8250.20:52
Flohack:P we are all motivated by having too much work and no time I know ;)20:52
ThaodanSo true, I'm already thinking of trying GCC 12 on SailfishOS.20:52
ThaodanI've already fixed sb2 for recent glibc and could even make lto work.20:53
FlohackYeah we are going to work now on Android 9, 10 and 11 ports at the same time where the core team tries to upgrade to 2.04 Ubuntu base, basically this project alone is overwwhelming. I dont know why we do all of that but it must be cool ^^20:54
ThaodanFlohack: I've seen the tweets about that.. I'm thinking of just upgrading my base for Xperia 1 but there's just so much time.20:55
ThaodanI need more hours in my day.20:56
Flohackgood news is Android 10 and 11 will be very similar. We will try now with the Fairphone 4, a very very cool device up to 8GB and 256GB storage and external display I mean wtf ^^20:56
ThaodanYeah crazy.20:57
ThaodanXperia's have similar storage options, I use my SD cards only as a music storage now.20:58
FlohackTime to use it like a laptop :P we hope that after 20.04 upgrade we can finally work on multimonitor support20:58
ThaodanAlin from Sony told me A12 isn't that much different either.. I'm interested how big the work will be to move to A12.20:59
ThaodanI already got an Xperia 1 III.20:59
FlohackYeah A12 might be more, they seem to have dropped a lot of legacy20:59
ThaodanDepends on how far we touch that.20:59
Flohackexactly no clue :P20:59
ThaodanFirst thing comes to mind is droidmedia.20:59
Flohackuh yes thats a key part21:00
ThaodanRest is how far did bionic and the rest of the lower base system changed.21:00
ThaodanAndroid does a lot of things that systemd picked up too.21:00
ThaodanThat makes using those new systemd things easy on older kernels.21:00
Flohackphew yes. We have still a lot of users on 3.4 kernels, and we are getting asked continuously which of the old devices we gonna drop :P21:02
FlohackAnd idk if it will be feasble or worth porting back all stuff we need for systemd21:02
Thaodan3.4 seams dead IMHO.21:04
ThaodanCgroup v2 requires 4.4+ to work other features maybe even later kernels.21:05
FlohackYeah it will be hard and sad cutoff :P21:05
Thaodanthere was a good article on lkn recently.21:05
ThaodanWell it's a lesson to be learned.. IMHO21:06
ThaodanDownstream kernels are a dead end21:06
FlohackSure, and Android is not made for more than 3 years of support or so ^^21:06
ThaodanThe issue I see the biggest is that each one works in their own kernel tree.21:07
ThaodanFor Sony there's opendevices which greatly centralizes the work21:08
Thaodanbut issues that affect one soc and thus all consumers might be hard to find.21:08
FlohackI dont want to start swearing to Google and the other vendors with their mispatched kernels ^^21:09
FlohackBut, for us its still we want to support 4.4 3.18 and maybe even 3.1021:09
ThaodanSystemd says 3.13 min btw.21:09
Thaodanv251 bumps to 3.1521:09
Flohackhumm yes. It will be hard but lets see21:11
FlohackAnyway gtg to bed now ^^21:11
ThaodanI understand the need and would still support in a degraded state and e.g. say security/perfomance tuning features such as cgroups don't work fully.21:11

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