Sunday, 2022-07-03

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Dima2387Hi all, can someone recommend video cources or book about programming for Sailfish OS?11:11
attahThere isn't much... and honestly that's fine, because it is that not terribly specific11:30
attahBut you can always start here
Dima2387thank you11:31
attahDima2387: please as in the open so that others may benefit from the answers11:38
Dima2387Do I need learn QT5 and C++ for developing for Sailfish or this documentation is not related to Sailfish app development?11:39
attahYou have the options of making a C++ and QML app, Python and QML app, or a "pure" QML app aka JavaScript and QML11:40
Dima2387thank you11:41
attahThe QML parts are perfectly fine to learn along with learning app-development for Sailfish11:41
attahIf you already know programming reasonably well, just in some other language, i'd say you don't necessarily need to learn anything as a prerequisite just to get started11:42
attahBut depending how you learn best you could still benefit from focusing a bit on a smaller area before diving in fully... so that's for you to decide11:43
ThaodanMuch of Qt specific knowledge from the c++ part of Qt also applies to Qt.12:30
ThaodanIf you know how Qt works on the c++ side you basicly know it how it works in the python side12:31
HengYeDev[m]Is it possible for the webview to be more responsive?13:17
HengYeDev[m]See what I mean by the following screenshot:13:17
* HengYeDev[m] uploaded an image: (126KiB) < >13:17
HengYeDev[m]The jitsi buttons are tiny13:17
HengYeDev[m]unlike in the browser13:17
HengYeDev[m]here is the code I am using:... (full message at
HengYeDev[m]same thing with the sso login...13:18
attahAny idea why the headless SDK installer might just stop/hang?
attahonline and offline hangs similarly, only with --verbose is there any output at all (pasted)13:51
HengYeDev[m]nvm, fixed it with
HengYeDev[m]but camera doesn't seem to work, microphone does though14:07
HengYeDev[m]that's strange14:07
HengYeDev[m]since that works in the browser also14:07
attahGlad to have been of some help, even if i missed your question14:08
attahDoes the cover preview work for you? And does it work jailed?14:10
HengYeDev[m]haven't tried the cover preview yet14:11
HengYeDev[m]it does work jailed with WebView;Microphone;Camera added to Permissions14:11
HengYeDev[m]jitsi shows that there are no camera devices, strange14:20
HengYeDev[m]browser works fine14:20
poetasterattah, nice! I went through the school on a 4 unit offset press and learned DTP 'the hard way', so I'd say I'm not the target audience. One minor quibble, the SVG doesn't work in darkmode.16:15
poetasterThe days I spent calibrating monitors and dye-submlmation printers while staring at pantone color swatches ....16:17
poetasterbeside having really nice public transport apis, .no also has: for those of you interested in weather hacking.16:19
attahpoetaster: Thanks! Well, i see it as a feature - you can call me on any bs i try to peddle16:33
attahSo you are getting black text on black background?16:34
poetasterattah, no it's really concise and useful. The svg in the readme renders with a transparent fill instead of white. looking at it in the 'file view' and it has a white background.16:40
poetasterprobably a git hub bug.16:40
poetasterinteresting is that I"m working on another color bug :
attahIt is transparent, this is true16:41
attahfun fun fun16:42
poetasterwhich an form of 'farben lehre' abhors!16:42
Dima2387Hi all, is Sailfish has tool for backup\restore contacts?19:29
NicoIt can import and export contacts, can upload them to a few clouds and you can also just use the full syystem backup19:37
Dima2387Nico, in which way contacts can be exported and imported(wihtout full system backup)?19:48
NicoI'll check, maybe they could only be exported 1:119:49
NicoBut I think the system backup just has a file called all.vcf, which is just a vcard with all your contacts19:49
Dima2387Thank you. So looks like app for export\import contats can be my fists app )19:50
NicoWell, you can import them19:58
NicoBut easily generating the export might be a good app19:58
NicoYou can just select all contacts and send them as an email though19:59
NicoWhich generates a vcf20:00
NicoWhich is convenient enough for me20:00
Dima2387Sound like a good task, try to implement =)20:04

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