Monday, 2022-07-04

attahpoetaster: for ubports, you might be able to disturb Flohack07:42
poetasterattah, thanks. I wish they made an English copy of the Foundation (Stiftung) founding docs. available. It's structually similar to what I had in mind.08:02
attahoh, they don't?08:02
Nicopoetaster: What parts are you looking for or you can't understand? I can probably translate ;p08:03
poetasterNico, I'm a native speaker. It's posting to the community I'm thinking of. In many respects, Ubports as a foundation does what I imagine. At least states that.08:05
NicoI see08:07
NicoDo you need translation anyway? ;p08:07
poetasterIt'd be a bit of work that I don't think is justified now. But we could toss it at google :)08:08
poetasterit's 16 pages in length.08:08
NicoOr deeptranslate or what it was called08:09
NicoThat I think08:10
poetasterhere we go....08:10
poetasterOH. It's not bad. All those years of hobby translating poetry annulled by some damn algo.08:11
NicoI think many people just pass their text to it nowadays and fix up a few details after the fact08:12
poetasterI do believe the journalists I work with lean heavily on it or google translate.08:13
poetasternow to hunt down that QT image bug08:36
poetasterattah, funny but, img = img.rgbSwapped() yeilds a BGR preview which inserts RGB ...15:55
poetasterwell, it's either QImageReader or QImage itself.15:57
poetaster(ah, or qrgb, or qbytearry ....)15:59
attahI thought that was already your conclusion (:16:07
poetasterYeah, I'm going in circles :) I believe I've read all the code ... so it must be time for a beer.16:08
poetasterthat's something!16:08
poetasterah, I'm just chasing down jolla changes. Might be a dead end. But that's not from QT16:34
poetasterunless it's a backport I missed.16:35
attahThe question is how that contributes to making it device specific16:40
attahbecause ports without the problem were more or less up to date, right?16:41
poetasterI'm no longer certain it is device specific.16:43
attahok, good to know16:43
poetasterOk, so it's NOT QImageReader (directly calling QImage.load, same effect. of couse, that's what QImageReader does).16:44
attahlooks samey16:45
poetasterso backports ? I see different code in the qt5 base at /qt/16:47
poetasteryeah, that looks like a backport.16:49
poetasterI believe that's current qt6, or?16:49
attahyes, should be16:50
attahI linked this, right?
poetasterI think so... sec16:52
attah...but i think we arrived on that it would not be in the pipeline... but maybe it can give some hints16:52
attah"which isn't supported on all hardware" hmmmmmm16:55
poetasterI had seen it. But I'm still suspicious of what seems like backports to me. the link to the commit I sent should be right about 5.6. The code in current sfos base is not that.17:03
poetasterthere is a related issue. why isn't autotransform used? it works.17:05
poetasterIn the ImageReader from paint, Kimolli had used the nemo imagemeta data, but QImageReader works. sec. better test again (switching because I'm testing QImageReader's queued image reading in stopmomtion)17:08
poetasterok. confirmed. if I setAutoTransform on QImageReader I can skip the nemo meta methods. hmmmm.17:15
poetasterI'm wrong about qrgb, not a backport.17:20
poetasterdoing a qml/js canvas.load and canvas.drawImage does two things. One, does not use autotransform (orientation) with Reader, probably doesn't use AutoColor properly.17:23
poetasterattah, ONLY setting ir.setAutoTransform(true); kills both birds. orientation is correct, colors are correct.17:30
poetasterthat's using my own ImageProvider, with QImageReader (no nemo stuff).17:30
poetasterattah, interesting. that works on 32 bit but not 64 bit (works on 3.4 vollaphone, but not aarch 4.4)17:34
poetasterSorry, I'm testing 3.4, then 4.4 ... now to the experia.17:35
poetaster(heh, everyone has left the chat because I'm boring them to tears). heh.17:48
poetasterattah, finally, same bugs Volla Phone and Xperia 10ii (
attahpoetaster: sorry, hand-calibrated 75 thermometers... because reasons18:38
attahso you are saying it could have changed since 3.x basically?18:40
attahthat would narrow it down18:40
Dima2387Does anyone know lib for working with phone contacts?)18:40
Flohackpoetaster: I am here this evning a bit18:41
FlohackIf you need anything PM me18:41
attahDima2387: It might not be quite that simple... maybe this is a lead:
Dima2387thank you again)18:43

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