Tuesday, 2022-07-05

poetasterattah, seems to be the case that behaviour of QImage.autotransform has changed from 3.4 to 4.4. I'm going to go through each step again to be able to present it thrusday.06:37
poetasterFlohack, thanks, I will do!06:37
poetasterattah,  where do you STORE 75 thermometers!06:53
attahpoetaster: just be sure to not discard any other differences between versions tested (you mentioned 32 vs 64 bits yesterday, right?)07:02
attahon my kitchen table currently07:03
dcalisteGood morning pvuorela.07:05
pvuoreladcaliste: hey07:05
pvuoreladcaliste: sorry again. been quite busy wrapping up things before my vacation and haven't gotten too much time to process your PRs.07:06
pvuoreladcaliste: the silica one i was about to merge any time now.07:06
pvuorelaand think the import filtering was good too at least.07:07
dcalisteI think so, no problem. Thanks anyway for what you can achieve.07:07
dcalisteI restarted my tablet and play a bit with the calendar tab design. Without anything convincing yet though.07:10
pvuorelaexcellent that you have it available.07:11
dcalisteThe current one implies a large day number with a background item with the month and year for selection.07:11
dcalisteIt match quite well with the current tab design which also has a month + year background item for selection.07:12
dcalisteBut as I have designed it at the moment, this month selection is linked to the tab header while the large day on tablet is linked with the month view only.07:13
dcalisteI would have like to write something that is not month view specific though but didn't achieve something convincing yet.07:14
pvuorelayea, no immediate suggestions from me either.07:16
dcalisteThe alignment is a bit boring also, it is two columns on landscape small screen and 2 columns on both portrait and landscape for large screens, but the header should be on first column in landscape large screen and in the second column in other cases...07:17
dcalisteIf creates a lot of 'ifs' that make the layout very difficult to read. No beautiful solution at the moment neither.07:17
dcalisteI have a commit though that is not that nice design-wise, but works very well : it removes the background item from the large screen under the large day number.07:19
dcalisteAll the rest is unchanged.07:19
dcalisteIt may be a reasonable compromise if including a dedicated tab design takes too much time.07:19
pvuorelawhat's the problem with the background item?07:20
dcalisteI don't think I pushed it yet though, but I can do it today so you can have a look.07:20
dcalisteThe background item in large screen (the one under the large day number) has became redundant with the tab header one.07:20
dcalisteIf you run the current PR on tablet, you'll see that the layout is somehow correct but you have this month + year info in two places which looks a bit strange.07:21
pvuorelapondering if that's a problem.07:21
dcalisteIf you find the time, you can try the current PR on tablet. Besides this redundancy it is working quite ok.07:22
pvuorelaabove about access to month change page.07:22
pvuorelai'll try at least changing the sizecategory handling manually. i have some tablet(s) but they've been breaking apart.07:23
dcalisteI can add a screen shot in the PR for you to see...07:24
pvuorelathat would be nice.07:24
dcalisteIf we keep the current month selection in DatePickerPanel, I can simplify the code to use the YearMonthMenu from silica there also.07:27
pvuoreladcaliste: hm, now having crash again changign to day view. wonder if the same old layout thing.07:31
dcalisteArf, I cannot get it myself :/07:36
pvuoreladcaliste: heh. added some debug to setHeight() and seems it first gets -32, does updateEarlierAndLater() which crashes.07:40
dcalisteAh, I'm stupid, I put the "if (m_cellHeight < 1)" for quick return in layout(), but didn't notice that updateEarlierAndLater() can be called directly...07:42
dcalisteMy bad. Of course, I'll add a safe guard there also.07:42
dcalisteAh bug of screenshot on tablet ;) Image are empty...07:49
pvuorelaah of course that one.07:50
pvuoreladcaliste: hey and for the next time. i could be ok 9th of august or then week after that. or later.07:51
dcalisteIt will be the week after, I'll still be abroad on the 9th.07:54
pvuoreladcaliste: ok, better for me as there can be some catching up. 16th then.07:55
dcalisteI put photograph screenshots of the tablet layout rendering of the current implementation in the PR. So you can get an idea.07:55
pvuoreladcaliste: ah, that way. yea, the redundant month label for example seems a bit off.08:00
dcalisteOne quick solution is thus to simply removed it.08:01
pvuoreladcaliste: pondering also if the big label should be on the right side on both orientations for large screens.08:04
pvuorelaperhaps the tab controls could be more right aligned on tablet too.08:05
dcalisteDo you mean right aligned in landscape for the large day number with the right of the calendar ?08:06
dcalisteThe best layout may be also to have no background item in the tab header for tablets and use the current background item ?08:08
dcalisteThe tab icons would then be centred aligned if there is no tappable labels on its right.08:08
pvuorelahm, some option. but maybe continue this on the pr side, i need to finish the meeting soonish.08:10
dcalisteSure, so do I. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy your vacations to come.08:11
pvuorelathanks, you too08:14
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poetasterattah, I'll detail the differences 3.4 vs. 4.4. As I said, Volla 3.4 is an armv7 build, 4.4 is aarch64. the 4.4 behaviour is identical volla/Xperia 10ii09:21
attah:) that narrows its down anyway09:25
poetasterattah, indeed. I just can't find where in: Label the richttext rendering does loadimage nor in canvas, for that matter. should be in the qtquick sources?09:38
poetasterattah, the issue within richtexts is constant from 3.4 to 4.409:39
attahwait what... are you saying the build engine used yields different results on the same phone?09:44
poetasterone GS290 with arm32 bit 3.4, one GS290 with aarch64 4.4. that's how piggz built them.09:51
attahThat's not how it reads... but maybe i'm just being thick09:53
poetastersorry, you mean in my poorly worded bug reports?09:53
piggzpoetaster: wasnt volla always aarch64?09:55
poetasterpiggz, well, maybe :) But I always deployed arm to it till the 4.x versions. Was it maybe multi lib? In any case, I'm still building arm32 bit vor the 3.409:56
attahWasn't it until 4.x we started being even close to having 64-bit userspace? (as opposed to kernel)09:58
poetasterpiggz, I'm wrong: 3.4 Linux VollaPhone 4.4.146+ #16 SMP PREEMPT Sun Nov 22 10:20:28 UTC 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux09:58
piggzthought so ... i dont change arch for a port :)09:59
poetasterit's still 32 bit userland libs though.10:00
piggzis it?10:00
poetasterah, let me do a test.10:00
piggzlook in /etc/zypp config files10:01
poetasterarch = armv7hl10:04
poetasterpiggz, an perspective on a camera fix? otherwise is stable. and the volla 22, any progress?10:08
poetasternetwork on 4.4 is sucky (timeouts on multiple requests in tight loops) in comparison to 3.4. Requires a whole new level of error correction foo. but that's yet another rabbit hole.10:10
piggzcant be as bad as the networking on v22!10:15
poetasterah, networking is crap on the xperia 10ii, too. something in the network stack changed. but I can't even find this friggin QImage bug, ...10:16
poetasterI've been collecting test cases for network. in c++ and python. oddly enough, it's worse in c++10:17
HengYeDev[m]what does `# This is about access to device's camera hardware, not data` mean in https://github.com/sailfishos/sailjail-permissions/blob/master/permissions/Camera.permission ?15:39
HengYeDev[m]is webview camera not working for anyone else? tried with sandboxing=disabled also15:47
Tomin_HengYeDev[m]: it means that to save pictures you need another permission. Sandboxing=Disabled is case sensitive. If it's correct there isn't permissions in Settings -> Apps -> the application page (or no page at all more likely)16:11

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