Sunday, 2022-07-10

fridlrinigus: as result of declining the package on OBS, and me making the required adjustments (i hope correctly), can I now reopen the request, or do I have to make a new request? It is not clear to me if OBS considers the changes in the package then?!11:45
rinigusfridl: I would suggest to make new request - then we will get it by email as well. maybe reopening will be notified as well, but I am not sure. I'll keep watching OBS in next few minutes, regardless of what you choose11:47
rinigusnote that you could also use git commit id as "release" in OBS11:48
rinigussorry, "revision"11:48
fridlok, i think it is most clear with a tag on github as well.11:50
fridlthere is no need to have tar_git packages, right? Source tarballs are alowed for CHUM as well, isn't it?11:51
rinigusfridl: yes, they are allowed. it is just frequently easier to pull using tar_git11:51
rinigusfridl: accepted and building11:53
fridlrinigus: cool, nice. Probably there will follow some more.12:04
fridlrinigus: If I do it with tarballs, I just upload the tarball to OBS manually, there is no "other way" which is preferred for some reason?12:06
rinigusfridl: yes, you can upload them manually. you could also use `osc` for managing it - cmd line tool12:07
fridlrinigus: ok.12:07
rinigusfridl: all packages are in. please check if all is fine and adjust packages meta, if needed. see for example. when all is fine, please submit to sailfishos:chum from :testing13:23
fridlrinigus: thanks, yes I suspected already, that I'll have to deactivate it for older SFOS versions.13:25
fridlrinigus: most packages have build now, but some are blocked due to 'downloading x dod packages'. Is this resolved just over time? Beside some of my packages, also seems to be in that state (since some time?)14:52
rinigusfridl: please ping lbt and Keto  on this channel with the list of packages having this issue. they are the ones who can fix it17:00
rinigusas for the packages, feel free to submit them to :chum from :chum:testing17:01
fridlrinigus: Ok. I probably ping them tomorrow, when they are not on weekend ;-)17:41
rinigusfridl: makes sense17:46
calcium_lbt: Can I get an OBS account please23:15

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