Monday, 2022-07-11

fridlKeto: (as lbt isn't online?) Could you maybe have a short look, why some packages on a hand of targets on OBS are stalled with "downloading dod packages" on sailfishos:chum:testing? Or just reset the affected packages. A re-trigger does not help.08:12
fridlSince some days, nephros package: - aria208:12
fridlMy affected packages: - pcsc-lite - pcsc-ccid - python3-fido2 - python3-makefun08:12
fridllbt: as you seem to be online now, it would be very kind, if you could have a brief look in today's log :-)09:46
lbtOne thing that seems to help with DoD issues is to disable build for the project and then re-enable it.12:15
lbtah,,,, there was a problem in the DoD definition - fixed (it was something known to cause intermittent issues)12:36
lbtso chum:testing is now all OK, building and scheduled ... any more DoD issues?12:36
fridllbt: looks good so far. Thanks for checking and fixing!12:54
poetasterDammit. I had forgotten the SDK fandango. frig.19:06
poetasterThank christ. At least Plan 9 still runs.19:11
poetasterAh, the SDK is a wonder of modern fucked upedness. You can throw any amount of crappy code at it, no problem. Change the the ssh credentials mechanisms of ONE device and all targets fail. wow.19:12
attahThe credential handling has been a bit flaky, yes... but for me it has been well-behaved recently19:13
poetasterYeah, it's been fine since, I believe, April. But I did nothing more than to turn off Password auth. Checked that the device had key installed, rsync with passwordless key worked and BOOM.19:14
poetasterSomething is rotten in Denmark. But you knew that. And the 'offline installer' downloads all files anyway. sigh.19:15
poetasterI had hoped to get something done before my vacation. ah well.19:15
poetasterI feel like a kid kicking rocks on the road, damn it.19:16
poetasteremacs + evil + erlang time?19:16
poetasterattah, and how are you! I'm so rude.19:16
attahNo worries, i'm good19:17
attahI've never been able to get in to those elitist ancient editors19:17
poetasterDid you manage to dispatch the thermometers to a suitable location?19:17
attahEvery member of the housing coop now has a brand new window thermometer19:17
attahWhat about you?19:18
poetasteremacs isn't elitist, it's just overly ambitious and failed in that regard. I mean, I use evil which get's me vim bindings :)19:18
poetasterOh, I'm well, except for the sdk. Friday off to a vacation which I managed to get organized without selling the ranch.19:18
attahit makes my head hurt how people much smarter than i think *slightly* faster editing makes up for no autocompletion and context awareness whatsoever19:19
attahVery good19:19
poetasterAh, the whole coop at once! Well done!19:19
poetasterthe erlang mode I was running has good autocompletion (depending on loaded modules) support. I only use it for lisp/scheme/erlang and haskell stuff.19:20
poetasterwhat do you use day job wise?19:21
attahBut does it have record field autocompletion?19:21
poetasterhmmm. good question.19:21
attahIntelliJ currently19:21
poetasterAh, you're mad :)19:21
attahyes, dirty java crap19:21
poetasterBut then, I used netbeans for 2 years.19:22
poetasterI don't have anything against java, really. I did some really nice work in java.19:22
attahbut it does not eschew the regular commands, and has excellent context awareness19:22
attahthat makes one of us19:22
poetasterintellij? It's been a long time.19:23
attahfor Erlang in particular... other languages i have no idea19:23
attahwe have *Megabytes* of record definitions... so quite handy19:24
poetasterah, ok. MBs of records. pah. Mnesia is pretty robust :)19:25
attahSo what project is getting your efforts currently?19:27
poetasterSFOS SDK installation.19:29
poetasterpita. I'm screwed.19:30
poetasterI was hoping to begin refactoring the insance QML/Python mess in Videoworks and Imageworks. (the former especially) ... mostly refactoring, memory mangement stuff.19:31
poetasterah shit.19:32
attahyeah.... good to not just keep piling on19:33
poetasteryeah. I bite off a bit more than ...19:34
poetasterBut I'm aware of the work to be done and will not shirk. If I can get the fucking ide to work :)19:34
attahreminds me of when someone called you "poetstar" instead19:35
poetasterI'm a bit of a weirdo. So, the whole nonsense with re-installing did not help. All tests with the device succeed but I'm back at '21:37:10: The process "/home/mwa/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk" exited with code 1.19:38
poetasterError while building/deploying project harbour-stopmotion (kit: SailfishOS- (in Sailfish SDK Build Engine))19:38
poetasterWhen executing step "RPM Deploy"'19:38
attahAnd you have the correct arch set?19:39
attahI think i might have needed a phone reboot once or twice for some ssh reachability too19:40
poetasterI'm going to install some kernel updates here, reboot everything and see what happens. sigh. I don't like throwing bricks at computer problems.19:40
poetasterboth 32 bit and 64 bit, volla and xperia devices were no longer usable. I changed one config parameter in the sshd_config of ONE device. bizzare.19:43
poetaster Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-122-lowlatency19:44
poetasterdumm di dumm19:44
attahtried removing and adding back the devices in the sdk?19:44
poetasterremoved EVERYTHING. all configs, all files, downloaded the installer fresh. strange indeed.19:45
poetasterok, must reboot.19:45
poetasterpoetstar, signing off19:46
attahwelcome back19:57
poetasterI suppose after a day of doing : entries=( */* ) I shouldn't be surprised.19:59
attahi'm afraid i don't follow20:01
poetasterbash hacking. serves me right.20:06
poetasterwow. I'm hooped. device is configured correctly with a passwordless key, logins work with -i , sdk tests all positive, no dice.20:07
attahtriple-check deploy settings20:08
attahdoes arch match device, does method match what you want?20:08
poetasteryup. yup.20:11
poetastertarget=SailfishOS-, well, that's what the sdk offers. the device is actually .64?20:11
attahin that case i recommend beer, balcony, bed... in that order20:11
attah64 has no own build engine, so that is fine20:12
poetasteryeah, that's where I was going, thought I'd build clean first ;)20:12
poetasternope hooped.20:13
poetasterstrange. the 3.4 target and arm device work again.20:19
poetasterok, off to bed! g'night!20:21
fridlrinigus: could you exclude from the python3-makefun package, please. I can't do that as I don't have rights in CHUM. I don't know, why that unsolvable did not show up in testing. However, I can't resubmit, as that is not a package change. Thanks!21:12
fridl(i changed it in testing already!)21:12

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