Tuesday, 2022-07-12

rinigusfridl: fixed05:03
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fridlrinigus: Thanks :-)08:02
tortoisedocehlo o/09:56
tortoisedocI was in need of running some android debugging, and given my xperia 10 ii is the only android around, figured I give it a try;09:57
tortoisedoci got adbd started & my adb client succesfully connected, but to my surprise the adb shell drops me into some ghost env09:57
tortoisedocI recall having been able to run logcat in the alien env before...has something changed (for sure)?09:58
tortoisedocrunning whoami gives "shell"09:58
tortoisedocthe home dir is  /home/defaultuser09:58
tortoisedocI am basically after the logcat output...is there another way to get to it?09:59
tortoisedocEDIT : found this -> https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204110913-Collecting-logs-from-Android-Support-with-Logcat-Debugging-Android-apps-09:59
tortoisedocnvm :)09:59
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poetasterrinigus, piggz I'm not sure if I screwed up, but the versioning of harbour-multimodal looks screwy. in spec and github release I have 0.89 tag, but in the chum gui/obs I see 0.8.9?14:07
poetasterrinigus, piggz I see it. It looks like the spec is screwy. fixing.14:09
poetasterrinigus, piggz it's odd. the spec is correct in the repo, the release sources, but NOT on obs. hmmm. That https://build.sailfishos.org/package/view_file/sailfishos:chum:testing/multimodal/_service:tar_git:harbour-multimodal.spec?expand=1 is not correct14:16
piggzpoetaster: you have 2 similar tags pointing to the same git revision14:19
poetasterthanks, I see it. sigh.14:20
poetasterpiggz, you'd think that someone who was doing $(git log --pretty="- %s" $PV...$VV) all day would get a clue. The last days for a vacation, I'm a wreck.14:23
poetasterpiggz, fixed, thanks.14:35

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