Monday, 2022-07-18

*** Ischwitch is now known as Ingvix05:39
aleastohi is Slava Monich <monich> here?12:05
malaleasto: doesn't appear to be here but on #sailfishos-porters he is via the telegram bridge as slavamon12:11
aleastothanks, i do have telegram as well :)12:12
nephrosrinigus, piggz: there is a typo in the repo name for aarch64 on chum.14:02
nephrosI guess someone did a greedy s/64/68/14:03
malnephros: which chum?14:03
nephrosSailfishos:chum project.14:04
malnephros: please remove the dependency to that from your fork14:06
nephrosoh yeah sorry14:06
malI can't rename it otherwise14:06
nephrosshould be gone now.14:08
malyes, I renamed it now, I had made the mistake originally14:08
malit will now rebuild that target so takes some time14:08
malyou can add the dependency back to your fork if you want14:09
nephrosthank you.14:09

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