Wednesday, 2022-07-20

frojndHi there.10:20
frojndI filled my Android data space on my XA210:20
frojndI don't know how can I free up some space10:20
frojndI only have 3 android apps installed though..10:20
frojndAny help appreciated10:20
attahHow are you observing that? And what did you do to fill it up?10:24
attah...and isn't it shared with other user data, so it could just be regular data and native apps that are taking up the space?10:25
direc85[m]If you're familiar with using terminal, you could try running e.g. `du -d 3 | sort -n` to find out the biggest space hogs (biggest as last for convenience).10:32
frojndYeah I just removed regular user nemo data10:36
frojndHm I use osm scout and I think it uses ~/Downloads/Maps10:36
frojndIt was like 1GB10:36
frojndToo bad they don't offer another location like sdcard10:37
frojndHm I've installed Coros android app to pair coros sports watch10:38
frojndBut app won't recognize bluetooth on sailfish, so I can't pair it with sailfish :/10:38
direc85[m]I also found out about a few forgotten locations full of gunk, gotta do some cleanup later.10:38
direc85[m]I always forget how powerful `du` is10:39
attahfrojnd: This is a well-known limitation - no Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi management etc for Android apps10:39
frojndToo bad :s10:40
frojndI gotta bring with me spare lineageos android phone just for syncinc with my sports watch..10:41
attah...or get a watch supported by native apps10:41
frojndCouldn't find better watch :)10:42
frojndBut wouldn't other watches also use bt for syncing?10:42
direc85[m]I have a Withings watch and an Android phone I boot about once a week just for that.10:42
attahfrojnd: yes, but with native apps (Amazfish, Rockpool)10:43
frojndHopefully they will manage to make bt work with Android app in a year or two10:44
frojndattah:  I installed Amazfish10:44
frojndCan't find pairing optionm,... to scan qr code10:44
attahi think it is an unrealistic expectation.... but one can hope10:44
frojndFrom watch10:44
attahbut is your watch supported?10:44
frojndNo Coros there10:45
attahso no reason to expect that it works then10:45
frojndI went through different supported watches and most of them requier auth key for pair10:47
frojndpiggz[m]: I see you are developer for Amazfish10:53
frojndpiggz[m]: What does auth key mean? is this some sort of key from watch when in pairing mode?10:56
direc85[m]lbt: I think it's time for me to finally try out Chum. The getting started guide told me to contact you for an account :)11:02
piggz[m]frojnd: Yes, its a key you need from Amazfit which is used for authentication with the watch11:54
piggz[m]you get it by initially using an android device11:54
frojndSo for Coros watch I would have to find out how this key look like11:56
piggz[m]you can get the key by registering with amazfit, pairing the watch, then use a python script to retrieve it from amazfit12:07
piggz[m]Coros isnt on my supported list though, not heard of that one!12:08
frojndYeah, Coros is first sports watch and later all that "notification extension of a phone watch"12:38
frojndI like SailfishOs as is very simple, Coros fits the same bucket12:38
lbtdirec85[m]: yes, I need an email and a username... msg me if you prefer13:58
thilo[m]someone with a bit experience of c++ here? I want to create a proof of concept and don't want to make myself a fool by doing basic things very complicated. I need to convert a QString to a non-const c style string.17:11
thilo[m]Currently I got this solution. Is there a better one?... (full message at
direc85[m]Doesn't `qstr.toStdString().c_str()` make the cut?17:15
thilo[m]That results in a const17:35
thilo[m]And my understanding was, that this means the whole array should not be mutated... or is this just about the pointer...?17:46
Thaodanthilo[m]: Try this answer:
ThaodanQByteArray array = string.toLocal8Bit(); char* buffer =;17:47
thilo[m]perfect, that removed 8 lines of code ;)17:50
Thaodanthilo[m]: Also check the answer directly, he argues that QByteArray should work instead.17:51
thilo[m]mh QByteArray didnt work without problems. However, now I am confident enough to publish this:
ThaodanOh what did I do there :D Java on Sailfish sounds cursed.18:01
Thaodanthere is Jambi for qt 5.6
thilo[m]ooh i searched for that but didnt find it18:03
thilo[m]not sure if i can compile native binaries with jambi however...18:04
Thaodanthilo[m]:  no idea either however what you probably need is to package java for SailfishOS and then jambi18:06
thilo[m]packaging java for sfos is not an option ;) That won't result in apps that are accepted anywhere ;)18:07
thilo[m]Right now java is giving me a 12mb overhead and i dont need any dependencies on the phone. So far acceptable for me :)18:08
piggzthilo[m]: how about19:40
piggzQByteArray array = string.toLocal8Bit();19:40
piggzchar* buffer =;19:40
piggzfrom stack exchange19:40
x2spiggz: you're two hours late :)19:43
thilo[m]But my solution is now a neat oneliner `string.toUtf8().data()`19:44
thilo[m]still thanks ;)19:44
piggzthere was a gap in my irc history ... i see it all now in matrix19:47

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