Thursday, 2022-07-21

direc85[m] seems to be down?10:21
askolsamLooks like it10:30
kamrodirect85[m] it has issues since few days but you can use old url
thilo[m]shared libraries are not allowed in harbour, right? Is there a way to embed them into the executable?12:44
thilo[m]or was t just, that multiple executables are not allowed, and shared libs are okay?12:44
attahShared libraries are ok, if packaged properly12:48
attahWasn't there a thread on the forum about this just yesterday?12:48
Thaodanthilo[m]: Answered in the forum, the best idea is to look at existing apps on how the do it.16:16
ThaodanJust don't bundle blobs that aren't build during the apps build if the don't come from the package managher.16:16
thilo[m]Thaodan: ty, that fits my needs17:39
Thaodanthilo[m]: awesome17:39
Ingvixis there anywhere I could get python bindings for gstreamer-1.0 packaged?20:58
Ingvixor do I need to compile them myself20:59
IngvixI only found an old 0.10 package20:59
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