Sunday, 2022-07-31

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CcxWrkHi, I just installed FOSS version of SFOS on my kirin (Xperia 10). Is there user documentation I can search?22:31
CcxWrkIn particular I haven't yet figured out how to 1) take screenshot (I tried all hw button combos I could think of) and 2) scan QR code (found no option in built-in camera app and just pointing it at it didn't work either)22:33
direc85[m]Screenshot is vol+ and vol- at the same time22:33
direc85[m]Jolla Camera has QR code support, but you have to enable it in Settings > Applications "tab" > Camera22:33
CcxWrkAh, it's press *and hold*. Didn't think of that.22:34
direc85[m] Here's the QR code guide22:35
CcxWrkOh I see now. Thanks!22:35
direc85[m] Here's the screenshot. There's more documentation in that site, feel free to explore :)22:36
CcxWrkBTW adding add-ons from into the built-in browser doesn't work. "An unexpected error occurred during installation"22:36
direc85[m]AFAIK the Firefox addons are not supported22:37
ThaodanThere are ways to use them (didn)22:38
ThaodanThere are ways to use them (didn't test for a long time)22:38

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