Monday, 2022-08-01

CcxWrkThaodan: I'm definitely interested in that as I find it fairly useless without.01:43
DrYakHi, is @lbt around? I would need an access to OBS (I had one years ago, but obviously it's not there anymore) - I want to check the building of before submitting it to sailfishos:chum:testing. Os is somebody else able to help me with an account?11:55
x2sIs it possible that the X III is already out of production and somehow hard to come by?11:55
direc85[m]Well, Xperia 10 IV was released June 30th 2022, according to gsmarena, so it would make sense to Xperia 10 III not being in production anymore...11:58
x2sThat explains why it is hard to get now...12:00
DrYak@x2s :  For Europe, I use this search engine: . Your country might have a local one (e.g.: in Switzerland, we have that: )12:09
x2sDrYak: It is available somewhere, yes (and lots of Amazon shops), but not at any of my regular suppliers anymore. Could be either phased out or supply chain problems12:12
DrYakOh definitely, phasing out.12:20
direc85[m]Once again we are in a situation where the it-just-got-supported model may not be easily bought anymore :(12:23
x2sdirec85[m]: yes. It saddens me :(12:33
x2sThe IV doesn't look too far off from the specs, but it will probably take another year to be supported.12:33
malthe frequency at which phone manufacturers release new phones is just stupid, why do we need a model with minimal changes every year or even more often13:06
x2smal: I totally agree.13:07
x2sBut the problem is not only the phone manufacturers. The chip manufacturers are pumping out new chips every year and probably discontinue old ones as well13:08
x2sBut, a big but, they could design interfaces that are compatible to each other and you only need changes in the driver if you do major changes, like going from UMTS to LTE.13:11
x2sThose are things that don't change from year to year. Maybe every five years or so.13:12
mala lot of the chips are not even that different from the previous versions13:13
malor course new high-end chips are often different but the new versions of a specific chip level are quite similar often13:14
x2sThey are building their own hell there and not even noticing it...13:27
direc85[m]And then we have e.g. Raspberry Pi models with guaranteed availability for ten years. Go figure...13:42
x2sSo, we need an official PiPhone ;)14:39
DrYakThe Pinephone are very close to what a PiPhone would be (relatively standard still procuded for some years instead of new model every 6 months).15:08
DrYak(And people build phones out of Pis are a thing, too).15:10
attahx2s: Pi(ne)Phone ^^17:09
ThaodanEven for high the changes are minimal. E.g. SM8150 -> SM8250 (Xperia 1 -> Xperia 1 II) is just different modem :/ , wireless charging18:41
Thaodanthe differences are mostly in hardware internals and higher kernel version18:41
piggz_evening *19:33
DrYakrinigus: BTW I'm only here if you need to ask questions regarding stellarium.19:41
malI once tried to port newer stellarium to sfos, not sure which version you are talking about20:09
piggz_mal: he has requested to move stellarium to chum and maintain it there20:20
DrYakmal: fooxl's (based on UbuntoTouch's Stellarium Mobile). I've rebased against 0.4 and successfully built an Aarch64 package out of it.20:24
DrYak(Previous attempts by aviarus weren't successful according to his openrepos).20:25
DrYakAs fooxl has now left the SailfishOS scene, I would like to have it moved to SailfishOS:chum.20:25
DrYakAnd while speaking about package, kimmoli: I managed to get chargemon workng on my Xperia 10iii20:26
malDrYak: ok, but since latest stellarium is 0.22 it's still rather old, of course if it's usable then no problem20:30
DrYak0.4 is the latest upstream Ubuntutouch available.20:33
malyeah, I know20:33
malI was thinking how much work would be to reimplement the UI properly on top of latest version20:34
DrYakA bit beyond than quickly doing the rebase on a day off :-P Do you know if there are more recent release of the Stellarium Mobile core? The last before Noctua Software's page disappeared seems to be 1.29 (the one also in UbuntuTouch)20:39
malI haven't see anything newer20:41
DrYakYeah, so as you say, the best path for modernizing the Sailfish (and UbuntuTouch) ports would be for some brillant UI/UX wizard to help build a nice finger-friendly interface on top of the desktop Stellarium 0.2220:44
DrYakHi, lbt! I would need an account for OBS (last time I used it was 7 years ago. Obviously my account doesn't exist anymore). I want to test this package: before submitting to SailfishOS:chum:testing21:44
DrYaklbt: I would need an account for OBS22:12
lbtDrYak: your account will still exist :)22:12
lbtyou can do a passwd reset at the bugzilla if you need to - bugs.merproject.org22:14
DrYakWeird, it seemed to reject the password stored all this year in my pw-manager...22:16
lbtuse your account name for the OBS, not the email22:16
DrYakhuh... PEBKAC: as the service got renamed mer -> sailfishos, I was copy-pasting from the wrong pre-rename. ^_^; sorry...22:18

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