Tuesday, 2022-08-02

piggz_DrYak: Hi, I wondered if youd like to include the chum metadata in the rpm spec for stellarium?10:13
piggz_if you do, I will accept the testing: requeist now, and you can update it yourself later10:13
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dryak_piggz_ : Good idea. Can you give me a few tips: do I just make a new commit with the update spec on the repo? Or should I tag a new release?10:21
piggz_dryak_: see https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/main/blob/main/Metadata.md10:23
piggz_its quite well documented :)10:23
piggz_you should make a new commit, and tag it, maybe with a point release or a +gitX tag10:23
piggz_where X is a number10:23
ThaodanIf you are the upstream you can use a point release10:24
piggz_that is what normally happens in OBS ...+ symbol works, but some others dont in the tag10:24
Thaodanif you are not use <version>+git10:24
piggz_yeah, so, in this case, i think he is the upstream10:25
piggz_dryak_: ive made you maintainer of the :testing chum version...10:26
piggz_other thing ... you probably want to get rid of the .yaml file ... theyre not used/needed, and you dont want it to overwite your .spec10:26
dryak_Oh? I kind of though that spectacles was the go-to standard for Sailfish apps.10:35
ThaodanIn the SDK they are still pushed but the OBS support for them is disabled, they were removed from apps and so on.10:40
ThaodanBut spec files get easier to write unless it is a more complicated lib.10:40
dryak_well, I am used to spec (tweaking my opensuse, and at some point has a sidejob building RPM for scientific HPC to pay my studies), so won't be a major problem for me.10:54
dryak_I'll probably do the edits later this evening. (Need to go earn some cash helping fights pandemics). Bye for now!10:55
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CcxWrkLot of apps in the Jolla Store request every(?) permission there is. Is this apps not updated to some sandboxing/permission model or is that an actual issue?20:02
CcxWrkAlso should I be using Jolla Store? :] Seems there is alternative OpenRepos and maybe more.20:04
malCcxWrk: if app requests all permissions then it usually doesn't have sandboxing enabled yet20:04
CcxWrkThat's what I thought, thanks.20:04
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