Wednesday, 2022-08-10

rinigusThaodan: in case of chum, we use addRepo ssu dbus call which works nicely from GUI. If some port needs chum, as one of piggz ports, them ssu config makes sense.07:31
Thaodanrinigus: If you want I can add chum to the ssudata I have and make chum just do enable or disable repo.07:32
Thaodan(or chum-gui for that matter)07:32
ThaodanThe gui it works the same way except that ssudata changes will not need to be updated by the gui.07:33
rinigusThaodan: no, I think we are fine as it is. It took some time to settle on current chum repo management and I would prefer not to touch it07:33
rinigusThanks for an offer07:34
piggz[m]Rinigus: thaodan: i think the current methods are working fine too08:08
Thaodanpiggz[m] rinigus: I think so too, it was meant as an improvements so np.08:37
ThaodanIt only is harder when using ssu and the gui to enable chum.08:37
CcxWrkAnybody using Nix / nixpkgs on Sailfish?15:39
Solrac[m]<CcxWrk> "Anybody using Nix / nixpkgs on..." <- Or Homebrew?18:13

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