Thursday, 2022-08-11

x2sWohoo, my bugreport made it into the Community News ;)09:18
poetasterhmmmm. build still down. assuming a summer vacation outage.09:53
poetasterpiggz, just dawned on me, but doing volla upgrades is probably not wise with obs beinf offline?10:08
Thaodanpoetaster: did you try
poetasterThaodan, nope. Is that the new canonical URI?10:23
poetasterThaodan, login works, so I'm back in business ;) Thanks!10:24
Thaodanpoetaster: No it's not but the old one still works..10:24
poetasterAh, ok. I'm updating now and it seems all's well.10:25
wvdschelHi, I just installed a community build of sailfish on my fresh fxtec pro1x, and it's running fine but I can't seem to install basic packages from the command line.15:29
wvdschel`pkcon install wget` says it can't find wget15:29
wvdschelDo I need to do anything to add repositories to the device or something?15:30
malI wonder if wget is even available by default15:30
wvdschelAre there additional repositories to add for extra software?15:31
direc85[m]It's apparently available in Chum15:33
wvdschelHow do I add chum? simply write a file in /etc/zypp/repos.d?15:34
direc85[m]You were faster :)15:38
wvdschelMany thanks :)15:44
wvdschelAny port of firefox anywhere to be found?15:56
direc85[m]Not for Sailfish OS natively, I'm afraid :(16:04
direc85[m]Browser is "basically" Firefox, but it's based on an older ESR release. Seventy-something?16:05
piggz[m]poetaster: Thaodan  updates are ok, as they use, not, which afaict doesnt seem affected?16:29
Thaodanpiggz[m]: yes exactly16:30
Thaodandirec85[m]: 7816:30
Thaodanfor normal mobile usage it's good16:33
Thaodanpersonally I miss add-ons for more fine grained privacy,  sync and integration into pass16:34
Thaodanbut one has to take into account that there's no native mobile browser16:34
Thaodanboth Firefox and chrome are java apps expect the back-end16:35

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