Friday, 2022-08-12

Redfoxmoonis there no way at all to turn off user data encryption and in turn a pin code to unlock the phone for xperia 10 ii?21:43
Redfoxmoonugh how ridiculous this is.21:46
norayrpiggz, will it be hard to support pebble devices? there is libpebble, and rockpool app for sailfish. rocksomething app for ubuntu. but amazfish works on everything thanks to its pure qt interface version.22:04
norayri know many pebble fans around me. less than 10 probably though.22:05
norayrwell i am also a fan. i use pebble 2 se + hr now.22:06
piggz[m]had be happy to accept a PR for such a thing :) .. rockpool/pebble has this weird web interface though22:06
norayrprobably for installing watchfaces?22:06
norayrbut the basic functionality could be maybe easier supported. like notifications. and in case of hr version, heart rate. and steps.22:07
norayryeah, i understand. just asking.22:07
Redfoxmoonguess I am doomed then apparently.22:20
norayryou have pebble?22:21
piggz_rinigus: i wondered if your flatpak supprt should be in chum22:40

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