Monday, 2022-08-15

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hnjdoes anyone know of an effort to have a simplex-chat ( client on sailfish?14:42
attahMeanwhile in Sweden: Xperia 10 III for 299 EUR, free nc headphones if you register17:07
x2sI'm a bit jealous.17:14
ThaodanSvenden only.18:13
ThaodanSwedish looks so easy, I should just learn it instead of Finnish XD18:14
attahSo it would seem... presumably as prior offers on
attahProbably, it has had several reforms keeping it up to date18:15
attahAnd we are not super strict on making up "native" words like the Icelandic and French18:16
attahBut i must admit Finnish is pretty cool... just very very strange18:16
direc85[m] also has (had?) such combo deals listed18:22
kamroKabouic: I have updated mouse patch if you want to try but I didn't test it18:57
useretailhi, how to patch sfos image to disable encryption?19:24
Thaodanuseretail: Why would you?19:26
useretaildoesn't make much sense to me19:26
ThaodanThat doesn't tell why would you.19:27
ThaodanIn any case, if can't just "patch" the image, you would have to disable it in the system. It doesn't work like in Android.19:27
ThaodanThere's full disk encryptii19:27
Thaodanencryption and no metadata is leaked.19:28
useretailwell, that's the reason - there is no way to disable it in settings19:29
Thaodanuseretail: Because that is not how it works, it is not just a flag in the settings.19:30
ThaodanWhich doesn't make it a reason to disable it.19:30
useretailso how to modify the firmware to disable it?19:31
attahBut what is the point? Don't tell me you bought in to the ridiculous things people blame encryption for on the forum...19:32
Thaodanattah: sounds like it.19:32
useretailguys, i just don't want to use pin19:35
useretailis my reason good enough?19:36
attahBut it is just for first boot, which is like what every other week at worst?19:36
useretailbesides, pin-only auth makes encryption pointless unless an abnormally long pin is used19:37
attahyes, still not a reason19:39
hnjdepends on your attack scenario … but other than that IMHO "I don’t want to" should be a good enough reason among hackers! :D19:40
ThaodanAnyway then go and find out like a hacker19:40
attahIt is actually quite find-outable19:40
hnjThaodan: I won’t, because I do want the pin for my use case (;19:41
useretail...cracking a 6-digit PIN was done in under a minute...19:43
hnjbut in the future I might well see a usecase coming where I don’t want one … e.g. using some phone as a remote control in my home or so. no need for a pin or anything if it’s just for controlling the media player or some "smart home" stuff or so.19:43
hnjhmm, I’m confused: when I boot the device, I am asked for the decryption key, which is different from the "security code" to unlock my device. in this post they seem to talk about them being the same. what am I missing?19:49
attahSet-up makes them the same, then you can only change the latter19:50
useretailso what's the solution?19:52
kamrotry "disable encryption" in forum search, possible solution should be in first result20:03
useretailthe only one i'm finding on the forum is:
useretailbut there's no solution even where the answer link redirects20:29
useretailbtw just noticed that recovery mode for xperia 10 ii and iii doesn't work!20:41
useretaildevice boots up to sony logo and then reboots20:41
useretailused hybris-recovery.img from latest Sailfish_OS-Jolla-
useretailwhere do we file bug reports?20:44
kamrousertail: in sailfish forum:
useretailjolla doesn't care:
x2sThe first reporter had its problem resolved by reflashing21:35
x2sso not much to do anymore. No problem means this is hard to debug21:35
x2sand the other report is from yesterday21:35
x2sat 21:0021:35
x2sIt's not great that your device in stuck in a boot loop. I know that feeling.21:36
x2sBut debuging and solution finding takes time21:36
x2sAnd instead of nagging you could've added all the details necessary to see if your problem is really related.21:37
x2sThings like: What did happen in the first place, what did you do (as precise as possible), what did you try to fix it already.21:37

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