Tuesday, 2022-08-16

dcalisteHello pvuorela, I'm late this morning and still need to go for shopping. Would you mind if we move the meeting to 7.30 UTC ? Thank you.06:39
Thaodanuseretail: that's a pretty blunt statement to assume such a thing06:45
dcalisteHello pvuorela, sorry for the additional delay…07:44
pvuoreladcaliste: hi, no problem.07:45
dcalisteThank you for your remarks on the calendar design. I think I'll address them during the week.07:46
pvuorelathanks. sounded good to you?07:46
dcalisteHaving some "header" to transition between the date picker and the event list is a good idea. I've been using the "new" design for some weeks now, and I also fell that the transition between the two is too abrupt in a way.07:47
dcalisteAbout left aligning the tab icons to avoid them moving, yes I'm ok with it. Particularly, I was thinking during my holydays about adding in the future a fourth tab with a search view.07:48
dcalisteWhile strictly speaking not giving more space with left alignment, it may feel like being less crowdy if it's not moving all the time between a small space (portrait) and a large one (landscape).07:50
dcalisteAbout the tablet design, the guidance you provide will help to get something, definitely. Thanks.07:51
pvuorelafor the separation header not fully sure myself atm. maybe something small could be ok, though on jolla c type of devices it's away from event list space. on tablet should avoid too much redundancy, though the big number label is already some sort of a header.07:56
pvuorelaon day view landscape the mode buttons on the right side could give some chance of later moving e.g. all day events to the top left, more space for scrollable area.07:57
dcalisteWhat do you mean the "mode button" on the right side in landscape ? I didn't notice this in the remarks. Aren't they supposed to be left aligned ?08:04
pvuoreladcaliste: so mode buttons in same place between the different modes. on portrait moved a bit more left, with horizontal page margin. on landscape they should be where the month view has them now.08:11
dcalisteAh, I got it. Thank you for the precision, I didn't fully got the "stay in place", I was thinking left align with horizontalPageMargin in the page.08:12
dcalisteIndeed, I see how it could be possible to move the all day part on the left hand side part in landscape. It definitely make sense to get more scrolling estate.08:13
pvuorelaone detail that might worry me a bit is whether the space in landscape is sufficient for the top right label on each mode. especially after adding more modes.08:14
dcalisteOn Jolla C kind of screen ratio it may be crowdy indeed…08:14
pvuorelaone option could be moving the modes to top right on landscape. month view could move the month name label below them. slightly bigger adjustment, though.08:16
pvuorelaor then day view landscape having the date string on the side. the space is probably enough for the weekday name.08:18
dcalisteIn various languages, I don't kown how much large can the month names become (for month view) compared to week day names (for day view). And this is without speaking about using large font sizes…08:21
dcalisteMaybe adding a fourth mode is not a good idea, but I thought it avoid like that to add yet another entry in the pulley menu and I make more sense to have a dedicated view for a search layout with keyboard visible...08:21
dcalistes/I make/it makes/08:21
pvuorelai could mention these details again to martin too.08:23
pvuorelaone more thing, the mode buttons on top on landscape can easily trigger the pulldown menu animating briefly down and back.08:24
dcalisteNot that I'm going to add it immediately, I would prefer to finish this redesign first and then add the week view, but maybe it's better to keep it in mind to get the right choices.08:25
pvuorelaperhaps the mode button container as mousearea could filter out such08:25
dcalisteAh, you mean as a spurious trigger of the menu ?08:26
pvuorelayea, tapping near the top shows this hint for the menu08:26
pvuorelamissing a mode button just a bit can happen easily08:27
dcalisteWith the current implementation, as you already reported, I should expand the mouse area so the tap detection is not restricted to the icon itself, but also include its margins. This may help.08:28
dcalisteThough, I cannot get the behaviour you're experiencing, even tapping widely here and there, the pulley is not hinting anything…08:29
pvuorelahm, happens only in landscape month view, not day view.08:29
pvuorelaand something else going on too, hm.08:31
pvuorelai mean, no it doesn't to that anymore.08:31
dcalisteMmh , strange, I cannot reproduce it neither in landscape. I see what you mean with the pulley hint, but I cannot observe it.08:31
dcalisteAh ok.08:31
pvuorelaand now getting it again after fiddling around a bit08:32
dcalisteOk, so let's rediscuss this next week after I get a new implementation taking into account the latest remarks on design (in place modes in landscape, tablet redesign and minor adjustments)..08:44
pvuoreladcaliste: alright. thanks.08:44
dcalisteMaybe one moment, some other sailors may approve (or not) https://github.com/sailfishos/mkcal/pull/30 and friends ?08:45
pvuorelaheh. i'll need to ping david again on my eas changes. about time we get those in.08:46
pvuorelathough now there's a conflict, it seems.08:47
dcalisteAh indeed, I didn't notice. It's in the part to get the alarm removed or added on notebook visibility change. I'll solve it today.08:51
useretailx2s, a child entered wrong pin code more than it was allowed and the phone was permanently locked. normally it is resolved by entering recovery mode and unlocking it with correct pin10:55
x2sPlease add this to the bug report10:56
useretailbut recovery mode doesn't work, i can't fix my phone. so what i have to do? reflash and lose all my data?10:57
useretaili guess guys @ jolla are pretty smart enough to figure this out10:57
useretailsince it wasn't fixed in latest release, i assume they don't care10:58
useretailthat my opinion10:58
useretailit's not a bug report, it's just a thread in the forum10:59
x2syou can contact them directly here: https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new11:00

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