Thursday, 2022-08-18

rinigusKabouik: it is loaded via qml image. As long as that supports it, it should work.05:24
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KabouikThank you rinigus! I just saw your comments on the package submissions, thank you. I missed those bits in the descrptions. Will fix that and resubmit. Also, sorry for the spam, I don't know how it looks on Chum admins' side and was hoping it would just overwrite previous submissions without email notifications… :<08:20
mohjiveflypig: regarding my recovery boot issue, if there's anything I can try to get more info, e.g. flash a debug image or similar, I will gladly help08:28
rinigusKabouik: do not worry about it, we deal with the submissions as soon as we can in our free time. Those feedback comments could easily get lost, unfortunately. I believe OBS emails that are sent on my name end up in spam for a good reason - OBS pretends to send from email that it is not managing. Looking forward to resubmission08:32
KabouikJust an extra question: if the three packages I submit to Chum get accepted, and one requires the two other, dependency will be resolved automatically when installing that one, correct?08:46
direc85[m]AFAIK chum is "just another repo" so dependency resolving should work as expected08:47
rinigusKabouik: yes, it is going to be resolved. we have several packages depending on some other package(s) in chum. so, that's an expected approach08:59
KabouikCan I give them an email or something to contact you? I'm not sure the person uses IRC.11:11
KabouikAny idea what license that is rinigus? It doesn't state its name11:50
KabouikI asked elros too of course11:51
KabouikProbably BSD12:01
KabouikResubmitted everything rinigus, plus Literm (but you can probably ignore it, I forgot to add a description in the Chum format).12:18
rinigusKabouik: thanks, will start reviewing it. Note that while licenses have to be specified correctly in SPEC and in the repo, Chum extra info in SPEC is not required. It just makes your apps easier to find for users17:39
rinigusKabouik: all in except literm - that one had webhook in _service. please remove it and resubmit again. as soon as testing builds are done, I will promote them to sailfishos:chum18:01
rinigusKabouik: something is broken at . see newer SFOS versions18:02
KabouikThanks rinigus. Hum, I don't know how to interpret the build error18:16
rinigusKabouik: I think this is related to a switch to newer Qt Wayland. See . I presume something similar was/is needed for qxcomposer18:23
rinigusKabouik: let me know when all is resolved and it would make sense to promote to sailfishos:chum. As far as I understand, you need qxcompositor for your other packages18:30
KabouikThanks, I'll try do fix it base on that, but my brain can't read cpp. Would the changes be retrocompatible with earlier SFOS versions or would I need separate packages?18:31
rinigusKabouik: if you wish to support older SFOS versions, you would have to use #ifdef probably to make sections of the code depend on SFOS version. Note that we have SFOS version info available for SPEC and from that it can be used to define macro while compiling it. But if you are not into c++, you may want to ask for help from someone who is using qxcompositor :)18:39
KabouikNote that the successful builds of qxcompositor install fine on newer versions of SFOS, but I know it's probably no excuse :p18:44
KabouikNot solved yet, but side question: any idea why the Issues show only in the pulley (and open an url) instead of directly in Chum as for other applications?19:02
rinigusKabouik: which package?19:12
KabouikSame for lxc-templates-desktop actually, and I assume it will be the same for qxcompositor when it passes19:21
rinigusKabouik: but you don't have issues enabled for .19:44
KabouikThe issue field in the .spec points to the upstream repository at sailfish-containers/harbour-containers, which has issues (hence why I didn't want to duplicate)19:50
KabouikIf I understand correctly, it's the `Repo:` field that counts there19:51
KabouikHum but wait, was the .spec file meeting chum requirements for qxcompositor? I just realize I pushed all my changes to master, not to the existing qtwayland-5.6 branch… (but OBS is using the qtwayland-5.6 branch so I assume the .spec file was just unchanged)19:58

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