Friday, 2022-08-19

KabouikRinigus is it possible with Chum to have two versions of the same software?00:09
Kabouikqtwayland was updated so supporting both old and new SFOS versions needs changes in the code itself, not just in the spec file00:10
KabouikSo I was thinking I could set the harbour-containers dep at >=0.0.6, then offer qxcompositor 0.0.6 (old qtwayland, compatible with old devices), and qxcompositor 0.6.1 (new qtwayland, latest sfos versions). But I don't know if that complies with Chum standards, and how to do it00:11
rinigusKabouik: morning! Re qxcompositor SPEC: you had commit ID in  _service that was pointing to master. as a result, OBS pulled that ID despite discrepancy between suggested branch and ID. for consistency, I removed branch from _service after accepting it to chum06:13
rinigussee _service file at OBS06:13
rinigusYes, Repo is the one that counts in this respect06:14
rinigusin principle, you can  have different OBS packages for the same app for tackling SFOS version differences. see storeman for example onnnnnnnn how to achieve it. Note that you would have to induce build limitations using package Meta info (see storeman). Alternative, is to use macros and select implementation on the basis of SFOS versions06:16
rinigusKabouik: ^06:16
ThaodanKabouik: Chum separates per sfos version (as sfos itself does), if have stuff that depends a dependency a or b you can test for either.06:26
ThaodanDepending on the project you can also use rpm build conditions to enable features only per sfos or if enabled in the obs prjconf.06:27
Kabouikrinigus: Re qxcompositor SPEC: Yes that makes sense, that's what I finally figured out yesterday when tryin to understand why it didn't build for late SFOS versions. I realized my commit hash was master (wrong, but this is where I made my .spec changes, by mistake :facepalm:) and branch was qtwayland-5.6 (correct). This is now fixed, I submitted a new package whereby _service has a commit hash that matches the branch.07:41
KabouikShould be ok for late SFOS versions.07:41
rinigusKabouik: note that you are made maintainer in chum:testing for your packages. so, please make changes there directly and when ready submit the requests to sailfishos:chum from :testing07:42
KabouikThen on OBS, I create a branch to that package, that builds SFOS for older versions (master branch, before the qtwayland-5.6 changes). Its version number is 0.0.6 while the above one is, but the plan is should only install on devices that support the new qtwayland. harbour-containers requires only >= 0.0.6 so in theory that should work (?). This 0.0.6 package, I didn't submit to Chum because I did not know07:43
Kabouikhow to deal with the two versions and Chum.07:43
rinigusKabouik: take a look into storeman at :testing07:43
KabouikI'll look07:43
rinigusyou will see multiple packages and it is probably the way for you07:44
KabouikCan you point me to the url? I'm not sure how to browse packages in :testing07:44
Kabouik ?07:48
ThaodanKabouik: If possible don't branch, you can do ifdefs for older versions.07:57
KabouikThank you Thaodan. So if I understand well, I should look at these three different storeman versions: Check their .spec file and try to do the same in qxcompositor, and then make two different qxcompositor packages (one for old, one for recent sfos) on OBS with their own service file08:00
ThaodanKabouik: Chum has different repos per package, if you can do ifdefs for parts that are different for the older sfos than you can have one package that builds differently for older versions08:01
ThaodanYou shouldn't care anymore for versions older the 4.x08:02
KabouikBut to be clear, package has to be built from two different source branches to cover all sfos versions. Is that what ifdef can do?08:02
ThaodanKabouik: You should be able to use the same source on the older version too, you just need to use idefs were you need to call the older version.08:05
ThaodanFrom what I there's isn't much diff between the 5.6 branch and master.08:05
ThaodanYou should just rebase and cleanup08:06
Kabouikelros (author of qxcompositor) said there's change in the code of the program itself to comply with new qtwayland, not just build instructions, that's why we need two different branches08:06
KabouikIn fact I tried, the new version rpm does install on old SFOS devices, but it will throw errors08:07
KabouikI'm new to all this, I'm sorry if I fail to grasp at trivial things08:07
KabouikI see no ifdefs in Storeman .spec files that rinigus advised me to look at, but specific .spec files for each of three versions08:10
KabouikAnd _service files pointing at different source branches08:11
ThaodanKabouik: np, I think it comes down to the refactoring that elros did.08:18
ThaodanYou should be able to use the QtWayland 5.6 version for all versions starting with 4.208:19
ThaodanIf you can't make the 5.6 refactor from elros work on older versions either drop it or move it into a separate branch.08:20
ThaodanThen you add something like qxcompositor-5.4 as obs package name and point the _service to a different branch.08:21
KabouikCould be, in fact my "old sfos" test devices are 3.3 and 3.4. This may seem old and I know we could skip them, but I'd find it more elegant if we can avoid making them obsolete for an app that coul work on them if I can package the two branches of qxcompositor and distinguish them as deps depending on the sfos version in use08:21
ThaodanWell that's really to old, everything below 4.x is obsolete except for old devices like Jolla 1.08:22
ThaodanI would argue on such old devices it's not fun to use such a package anyway.08:23
ThaodanCan you use git rebase to cleanup the commit history?08:23
KabouikShould be done for qtwayland-5.6 branch08:25
KabouikBut that's just for the existing commits, I haven't made any commit regarding our discussions above08:25
Thaodan this isn't just about chum but just building in a clean build env,  the sdk targets have some dependencies preinstalled making it a little harder to reproducible packages.08:25
KabouikThe url is not valid anymore, I rebased08:26
ThaodanKabouik: Good work on cleaning up the spec file, just one short thing if you change the License: field check the Fedora license table for the name we use in the license field.08:28
KabouikThe table says BSD-3-Clause, I think that's what I filled08:31
KabouikOr I should use the abbreviation instead?08:31
KabouikBSD NetCDF then08:33
KabouikSo to double check that I didn't worsen the situation: qtwayland-5.6 branch:
Kabouikmaster (qtwayland-5.4) branch:
KabouikI take it I can now make two packages on OBS and point the _service fils at these two branches, correct?08:55
KabouikSee and
KabouikIs that what you suggested rinigus?09:15
Kabouik(I did it in my home repo only for now)09:16
KabouikNow what I don't understand really is the two unresolvable ones here: The same package builds just fine for i486, and sfos3.4 has the requried dependency at a higher version number, so I don't get why OBS fails09:40
ThaodanKabouik: Yes but you only need two packages that's why I said qtwayland 5.4 and 5.6 since that's more accurate09:56
ThaodanBut you have two packages that seems to look good. You can disable aarch64 pre 4.x09:57
ThaodanI don't think there are any ports stuck on pre 4.2 that support aarch6409:57
KabouikThe armv7hl fails too though, I don't get why09:57
Thaodansame for x8609:58
ThaodanDon't set release to anything but a number09:58
ThaodanObs will override so just set it to 009:58
KabouikI just mimicked what storeman did there09:59
ThaodanWhat store man does is also wrong09:59
KabouikJust changed the release numbers to 0 in both branch (not pulled on OBS yet)10:01
ThaodanKabouik: try to remove qtbase from your project10:02
ThaodanIt will be pulled in.10:02
KabouikI disabled it, is that enough?10:03
ThaodanIt was build already you have to delete the binaries that were build10:04
KabouikNice, qxcompositor-3.1 building for armv7hl now10:06
KabouikSo I think I can now delete qxcompositor from chum:testing, and submit both qxcompositor-3.1 and qxcompositor-4.2 instead10:07
KabouikAwesome, thanks a lot Thaodan10:07
ThaodanBut you can keep the regular qxcompositor since the old one will go away10:08
Thaodanwhy did you name them after the minium sfos version and not the Qt-Wayland? version10:08
KabouikI didn't quite get what you meant above with the fact that I only need two packages so qtwayland 5.4 and 5.6 are more accurate, I suppose it's for the package naming? I hope what I went for is not too wrong10:08
KabouikI thought it was easier to understand (and again I took inspiration from storeman there)10:09
KabouikRe But you can keep the regular qxcompositor since the old one will go away: I already had deleted it when you said that10:10
ThaodanOh hm than add it again or keep the naming.10:10
ThaodanRe naming being more accurate:10:11
ThaodanI mean that because not the sfos version is the deciding factor but the Qt-Wayland version.10:11
KabouikIt's true but the spec files filter on sailfishos-version10:12
ThaodanSince it doesn't something to do with the provided SFOS version directly just which of the Qt-Wayland version provided by SFOS. Someone on like lets say sfos 4.0 might think which version should I pick.10:12
ThaodanKabouik: Sure but you can also filter on Qt-Wayland version.10:13
KabouikFrom a noob perspective, I was thinking that if I see a package named blah-sfos4.2 and I'm in 4.1, I would understand that I may not meet minimal requirements for that package10:14
KabouikI'd be tempted to try it, of course, but I would understand if it doesn't work without goingto check dependencies10:14
ThaodanAh and re using the version qt that works with Qt-Wayland 5.6 on sfos with Qt Wayland 5.4: You have to build your package against the older Qt Wayland.10:14
ThaodanIn your project you had qtbase 5.6 which makes the package be build against that qt version even for the older sfos.10:15
KabouikI had no idea that packages in the same home project would know about each other and interact10:15
Thaodanbut that's the primary concept in obs10:17
ThaodanYou can have multiple projects that interact with each other in a web.10:17
KabouikThat's really cool yes, I just fell in the trap that they were independent, and was already happy with "just" the building feature10:17
KabouikThanks a lot, Thaodan, rinigus. The two new packages are now submitted to :testing. When accepted, I'll test if dep resolution is working as expected, and if so submit to chum10:19
ThaodanKabouik: good to hear :)10:20
KabouikThaodan do you know if Jolla is planning to support what elros did there ( with their in-house USB mouse support? I enabled display_cursor in dconf and it works great, but is limited to portrait.11:32
ThaodanKabouik: I don't know, I only used evdev with a mouse under qemu.11:33
KabouikElros' work on qtbase was to make it support rotation (mouse coordinates rotating as well), but as you saw above, my attempt at building it on OBS were not going very well11:33
ThaodanPersonally I see no future in using evdev directly but through libinput.11:34
KabouikElros' work was also before Jolla came up with the in-house cursor support. It'd be more future-proff to use Jolla's solution, but it really needs to support rotation to be useful11:34
KabouikI don't really know the different to be honest, to me what is key is being able to use the mouse in both orientations (not only for LXC, but especially for LXC, and even more if we get HDMI-out support one day… We'd literally have non-HW accelerated desktop distro UMPC in our pockets)11:36
Kabouikrinigus when you see this, could you please just accept the two qxcompositors packages in testing so that I could do some testing? I won't submit them to the main repo before getting further approval from you, no worries13:08
KabouikI mean no pressure, but it's just in case you would be delaying them to give them more scrutiny in prevision of the submission to main repo13:08
rinigusKabouik: evening! now I just have to catch up ...17:48
KabouikLong story short: Thaodan helped me and we have two different qxcompositor versions which should allow covering both old SFOS versions (qith qtwayland 5.4) and new ones (5.6), and I'm crossing fingers in hope that what I did with spec files and dependencies works to automatically install the right one in every situation :>17:51
KabouikI'm not going to lie, I'm eagerly looking forward to test it, and if it doesn't work I'll hide and cry a bit.17:52
rinigusRe licenses: we use list as in . That one lists BSD-3-Clause just fine. If you prefer some other way to name it, it is OK. Just not needed :)17:58
rinigusRe storeman: not the best way to do it, but as you were not very happy with hacking in C++ it was a way out of it. Namely, have separate brunches and OBS packages for different versions17:58
rinigusThaodan did well with helping you out, thanks a lot!17:58
KabouikI named it BSD-3-Clause originally but Thaodan said I should use the abbreviated column from the Fedora table, which was BSD NetCDF17:58
KabouikYes, I'm very grateful to you both for your time and patience.17:59
rinigusyeah, I saw that in the logs. now will go and look into the packages.17:59
rinigusat obs17:59
KabouikRe: licences: I can change that again, but if that's no issue, you can just accept in :testing so that I can test different dependency-resolution scenarios, and then polish License in :testing before submitting to main repository.18:00
maljust a note about license string formatting in spec that has the list used by our rpmlint, quite directly taken from fedora I think18:01
KabouikOkay, I'll change it again into BSD-3-Clause then. I see I need to change harbour-containers' "GNU GPLv3" into "GPLv3" too.18:02
rinigusKabouik: I will immediately change the build flags for the version with older SFOS18:02
rinigusKabouik: should be OK now. Over to you for testing18:06
rinigusWhen ready, just submit packages from sailfishos:chum:testing to sailfishos:chum18:07
rinigusKabouik: ^18:07
KabouikThanks. Just to be sure, my copy in my home project is not automatically synchronized, is it? I don't think I even need to keep it, but I can use it for testing I assume.18:11
KabouikFor testing new versions I mean.18:11
KabouikFirst observation: Chum sees that available versions have version numbers above the ones installed already, but there is no update button. Did I do something wrong?18:13
rinigusNo, it should not be synchronized. Those are separate18:13
KabouikSo I need to uninstall manuall first, good18:14
KabouikOh sorry you were answering to the other question.18:14
rinigusKabouik: yes, if installed from other repo then you have to uninstall first. it is a protection that allows users to mix chum and non-chum packages18:15
KabouikI see, so Chum somehow keeps metadata somewhere of what it did18:15
KabouikOr recognizes where the packages originate from.18:16
rinigusKabouik: it just sets Vendor tag for generated RPMs. No mystery. If vendor tags are different from what's installed on the phone, RPM is not updated18:19
KabouikShould release be 0 or 1?18:19
KabouikI used 1 first but then was told to use 0, I see both in packages from others18:20
KabouikThis suggests 1 as standard: I'll bump it to 1 in qxcompositor18:22
rinigusKabouik: keep Release as it is - it will be overwritten by OBS and incremented after each rebuild. Focus on Version and set it as you find appropriate18:27
KabouikJust having it set as 0 in qxcompositor, and 1 in lxc-templates-desktop and harbour-containers triggers some OCDs… !18:28
KabouikBut yeah, leaving as is then.18:29
KabouikI don't see GPLv2.1 in the abbreviations.18:32
KabouikIs GPLv2+ the correct synonym mal?18:33
rinigusIts OK, just leave it. We don't run any automatic checks anyway - main thing is that it is clear18:33
malI think GPLv2+ is ok18:34
KabouikThanks! I'll do it rinigus just because I already started18:34
malyeah, rpmlint errors/warnings are not critical, just something that would be nice if people look at, those sometimes show real issues18:35
KabouikYeah, I'm slow but at the very least I'm trying to comply with the standards, maybe unreasonably :p18:51
KabouikOkay I have a small issue19:02
KabouikI triggered a rebuild for harbour-containers and the filename is called 0.4+master… Yet the .spec file and .yaml file all state 0.6 as version number. I also made a release on github which I tagged 0.6.19:03
KabouikHow can I make the versioin built by OBS chum:testing reflect 0.6?19:03
KabouikSame problem with lxc-templates-desktop actually19:03
Kabouikqxcompositor reports 0.0.6 as it should, no problem for that one19:04
Kabouikrinigus would you by any chance know what is happening? I imagine OBS ignores the version in .spec and just increments from something else?19:14
KabouikSeems to be related to Github releases. I created a 1.3 release for lxc-templates-desktop and now OBS names the tarball 1.3, and rpm too. Not sure why it doesn't do that for harbour-containers despite a release already existing with the tag number I want.19:26
piggz[m]@kabouic obs names releases based on git tag. Use x.y.z+gitN19:31
KabouikI don't understand, I have a 0.6 tag here
KabouikIt still uses 0.4 in OBS19:36
KabouikActually I see that on Github my tag 0.6 is tied to an old commit, weird19:37
KabouikDoes that mean my later commits defaulted to an older tag?19:37
KabouikI just deleted the tag and then ran `git tag 0.6 hash of latest commit`, let's see19:39
KabouikNope, tag stays assigned to that older commit19:40
attahpushing tags is screwy19:42
KabouikI finally managed to assign the tag to the latest commit19:42
KabouikSomehow it was staying tied to the old one, I guess I forgot to push19:42
Kabouik YAY19:43
KabouikChum seems to be a success! A small step for man, a giant leap for me19:55
ThaodanKabouik: you have to do git push remote --tags20:57
Thaodanor just the tag you want to push20:57
Kabouikrinigus, mal, it seems Chum doesn't support multi-user22:22
KabouikThe main dev of harbour-containers was testing it and was logged as secondary user, Chum was unhappy about everything he tried (including CLI)22:23
Kabouik unfortunately this was not enough apparently rinigus. On his 3.4 device, Chum still installed this version of qxcompositor, and not the one for 3.1 > sfos < 4.222:28
KabouikFor me on 4.4, it installed that version of qxcompositor too but that's expected22:29
KabouikScrap this, he forgot to uninstall qxcompositor from other vendor.22:59

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