Monday, 2022-08-22

poetasterhi! the lonliness of the long distance debugger :)16:15
poetastermal, how are you?16:17
malthe usual, too many projects to do16:31
attahheh... i more prefer the one endless project18:36
hnjis there usb tethering (i.e. sharing the phone’s mobile data connection over usb) included in sailfish os 4.4 or do I need to set that up manually?21:13
hnjdifferent topic: I use piggz[m]’s port to Gigaset GS290 and am looking into using android apps. can anyone advise how to set this up? mentions installing "AndroidTM App Support" which does not seem to be available. neither can I find "aptoide". are these only available21:41
hnjwith licensed jolla sailfish installations? I found "waydroid" though, is this the way to go?21:41

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