Tuesday, 2022-08-23

poetasterhttps://github.com/sailfishos-open/waydroid I believe piggz is involved? in any case, piggz is the person to ask about the Gigaset06:47
poetasterwaydroid can be installed via chum: https://build.merproject.org/project/show/sailfishos:chum06:49
dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, sorry once again for the delay…07:22
pvuoreladcaliste: good morning07:23
pvuoreladcaliste: been trying your updated calendar pr and looking quite nice.07:23
dcalisteIndeed, alignment looks much better like that. I prefer it also.07:24
dcalisteI still need to adjust the tablet layout though.07:24
pvuorelayea, that.07:25
dcalisteAbout this branch, maybe you've noticed this also : https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/calendar-entries-timezone-issue/1270907:27
pvuorelaand on the phone size one thing that slightly worries me is how squeezed the ui gets on the mode buttons + labels if there's a third mode button. but there's some chance for making the buttons having less spacing if necessary.07:27
dcalisteDo you think it could be better to create a dedicated PR for it, since the tab design may still take time to be accepted ?07:28
dcalisteOops, sorry for the cross questions.07:28
pvuoreladcaliste: small change so if you want to get that out of your hands, sure a separate pr is fine. then again the mode change ui doesn't seem too far away.07:29
pvuorelaso either way. granted that separate pr increases the likelyhood of getting into the next release.07:30
dcalisteSure, I don't have an eye on the release planning, so that's why I ask your opinion, not the release planning ;) It's easy to out-source the commit and create a dedicated PR though.07:31
dcalisteAbout the space issue in phone portrait mode, yeh, I don't know how long can be month / day names in other languages. Maybe prepare a fit to width scenario. Particularly if one day there will be 4 tabs…07:32
pvuorelaalso the m_cellHeight protection shouldn't hurt merged already.07:32
dcalisteOr move to a fit-to-width strategy (like for the dialog header) when needed only.07:33
dcalisteOk, I'll make a single dedicated PR for these two commits.07:33
pvuorelaon the tight ui, one option i pondered myself is changing the order of button and the labels. but don't go implementing yet, just a thought :)07:36
dcalisteI was wondering also myself, but one would loose the design pattern of having the "title" / sections right-aligned.07:38
dcaliste(Tell me if you need a JB for the timezone fix PR)07:38
pvuorelai can create one and annotate the tag.07:39
dcalisteGreat, thank you pvuorela for the discussion. I'll try to find time soon (hopefully before next Tuesday) to rework the tablet layout so this PR may undergo a final review before adding the week view case.07:48
pvuorelaexcellent, thanks.07:48
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poetasterpiggz[m], any chance the volla will get video recording again?09:36
piggz[m]Poetester:i certainly hope to, but its one of them unique mtk issues! 😂11:06
poetasterpiggz[m], ah, I'm a bit stuck without capture (working on videoworks). I can switch to the x 10ii for a time, but it's slow and the form factor sucks. at least on that point the mtk isn't so bad!12:43
malpiggz[m]: what was the issue with that?12:46
malstill the same you mentioned some time ago, which I forgot about12:46
piggz[m]mal: Yes, cant get details atm, by a pool in mallorca, back tomorrow :)12:47
malhave fun12:47
piggz[m]Maybe poetestet could get gst and logcat logs while video recording?12:49
poetasterpiggz, sure can, when your back!13:55
poetasterhave fun!13:55
hnjpoetaster: I would have thought using android apps on "unofficial" sailfish images would be relatively widespread and like half the people here could give at least some generic input but in that case I’ll also wait for piggz[m] to finish their vacation :D thanks15:30
hnjpoetaster: btw: I tried "spritradar" on my trip earlier today and it doesn’t really work well: most of the time it doesn’t even start, and when it does it’s stuck on "initializing" and sailfish requests whether I want to wait or kill it. since you are the maintainer I wanted to ask if you know anything about that and how I can provide more information to maybe fix it.15:32
KabouikI'm still not comfortable with how OBS chooses version numbers, see here where it named harbour-containers after 20220820 despite me picking a git from today in the _service file, and triggering a rebuild (see the modification date on the right): https://repo.sailfishos.org/obs/home:/kabouik/sailfish_latest_aarch64/aarch64/16:12
KabouikScrap that. Took the wrong commit. D:16:13
KabouikThe version number is not picked from the .spec file though, which I really don't understand. I think I have to make new tags in Git but for the unexperienced git user that I am, it seems a bit overkill to greate tags for devel builds for instance.16:14
ThaodanKabouik: that is tar_git and not the obs really17:08
ThaodanWithout a source service no manipulation is done17:08
ThaodanBut tar git counts from the latest tags + branch and short ref for builds with changes from that tag on17:09
poetasterhnj, on spritradar, do you have a license key? it works well for me on volla

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